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   Chapter 393 Rachel Was Missing

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After saying that, he walked out of the Ruan family house. He had never looked so disappointed.

Next, he went to the Rong family house. Although he knew that Rachel wouldn't go there, he still searched every corner of the house.

As he was leaving the Rong family house, with much disappointment, he saw Fannie pacing at the doorway, waiting for him. She had followed him there.

"Hiram, what's going on? I don't know what you meant earlier! Make it clear. What did you mean 'you couldn't find Rachel'? She... Where could she have gone?" asked Fannie who became anxious.

Hiram's handsome face remained calm but his dark deep-set eyes no longer sparkled. "She didn't come home last night. No message, nothing. I've looked for her everywhere, but I still can't find her..."

As he spoke, he hurriedly got in his car again and drove back to H City.

Maybe she had already come back home.

When Hiram returned to Tulip Palace, he yelled in the living room. "Rachel! Where are you?

Rachel, come out! Don't you hear me?"

He roared so loudly that Jonny and Joyce, who just were playing in the room got scared and started to cry.

Emma came up to Hiram,"Master, Madam Rachel hasn't come back yet. How about you make a phone call and ask her where she is?"

Hiram made no answer. He tensed his thin lips and went upstairs silently. As he closed the bedroom door, he went out of control, smashing everything he could lay his hands on - the furniture, the bedroom TV, and other things. He pulled the curtains down and ripped them to shreds. He let his rage take over him like a possessed wild animal.

He had never lost his temper that way before. In the past, he could control his emotions no matter how much angry he was. But this time, he felt so desperate and helpless.

He could endure all the unpleasant and painful things in the world.

With only one exception;

If Rachel left him.

One day, two days, three days, four days had passed, and Hiram stayed in Tulip Palace waiting for Rachel. He sat in a dark corner of the bedroom, staring into nothing, waiting for her to change her mind and return...

to the Tulip Palace until —

He suddenly remembered something. He walked out of the room and drove to the hospital without saying anything to anyone. The servants looked each other, speechless.

"Hiram, what brings you here?" said Joanna happily as she saw Hiram. But when Hiram walked closer, she saw the 4 day old stubble on his face. Her smile faded.

"Hiram, what happened? Why do you look so haggard? Is your wound painful again? Has no one been taking care of you? Where is Rachel?" asked Joanna anxiously, quickly noticing that Hiram w

ans you use, find Rachel!"

Chad heard his angry voice and didn't dare to ask him anything. "Okay. I'll do it right away." he responded.

Hiram drove his car around the streets of H City. Although several days had passed, he still felt that Rachel was always by his side and that she didn't leave him.

She must have felt miserable. She could be in a bar, drinking alone. Or, she could be foolishly sitting on a bench in a park, reading a book.

He drove across every street. Every time he saw a park or a bar, he stopped and searched all corners of it.

When Chad found him, he was sitting on a bench by the street, smoking.

"Hiram, you haven't taken a rest for several days? Your wound hasn't completely healed. You need to take good care of yourself too. How about you go back and have a good sleep now?

You'll have more sufficient energy to find Rachel when you wake up!

Hiram, don't worry. No matter where she goes, she will have to use her identity card. I've arranged our man to check the records in every hotel, every station and every airport. There will be some useful information soon!"

Chad urged him. He had never seen him like that. He suddenly felt sorry for him.

In Chad's eyes, Hiram was always proud, elegant and powerful. But now he...

Hiram sucked deeply on the cigarette and exhaled the smoke slowly. His deep-set eyes were filled with disappointment.

If she really wanted to hide herself, looking for her would be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

'Rachel left. Is she really going to be so cruel to me?

Didn't she say that she would never leave me as long as I trusted her?

Now she left. She abandoned the kids. She also abandoned me. Did she really leave us behind, not caring what would happen to us?' he thought.

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