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   Chapter 391 Hide And Seek

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"No, no! You know Gavin! I know he wasn't making any sense! Don't worry, darling!" Rachel said indifferently and tried to pretend as though nothing bothered her.

Caressing gently her cheek, he whispered in her ear,"I apologize to you on his behalf, honey. He's getting old and is sometimes acting impetuously. I know that what he said to you is a pure nonsense. Please, don't take it to heart, okay?"

"I know. I won't let it affect me. It just went in one ear and out of the other," Rachel replied, snuggling happily in his warm arms.

She laid like that, until Hiram fell asleep soundly. Then she got up, went downstairs to Fannie's room and found out that her mother was packing her bags. Fannie decided to go back to XH Village the next morning.

"Mom, don't be in such a hurry to go, please! Stay with us for a few more days!" Rachel begged like a little girl, as she entered into the room. She was unwilling to part with her mom.

Looking at her daughter with a loving face, Fannie said,"I've already called Richard and told him that I'll be home tomorrow. I have got nothing else to do now, so I'm too excited to just take a nap. Don't blame me for getting ready so early, dear!

I'll prepare some soup later and cook you a delicious dinner too!"

Fannie responded, as she kept on being busy and focused on her packing.

Glancing at Fannie`s back, Rachel's tears were streaming down her cheeks uncontrollably. Still crying, she came over and held Fannie from behind,"I'm sorry, Mom! It's all my fault and you should have never gone through all this trouble. I'm so sorry!"

Hearing Rachel sobbing, Fannie turned around and hugged her, saying,"Honey, don't cry. You don't need to apologize to me for a single thing! Please, understand you have nothing to do with this! Listen, at this age Mom has long been on this earth and seen so many things by now. Don't worry about me!

It's impossible to always walk on a way of roses. There will be storms, rain and rainbows. People are stumbling through their lives every now and then. This is how we learn and grow. I'm lucky enough! I went through all and came out of it - scared, but not seriously hurt and most of all - alive!

Stop crying, honey! There's nothing to be sad about. Let me go back and stay home for a while. Most probably I'll be back to you and the twins in just a couple of days. Come on!"

Instead of making her feel better, Fannie's words woke up in Rachel a new wave of stronger crying. She held Fannie tightly and wept,"Mom, I'm so sorry! I don't want to leave you! I can't! I just can't!"

Seeing her daughter cry so inconsolably, Fannie's eyes also turned red. She patted Rachel on her back and sighed deeply.

Sank so profoundly into their sorrow, they acted as if they were not going to see one another a bit later, as if they had to say goodbye now.

After leaving Fannie's room, Rachel felt the need to go to Joyce's room, but the baby-girl wasn't on her bed. Then worried, like any mother would be, Rachel pushed open the door of Jonny's room.

There she was - the little princess Joyce

walk out!'

Of course, as she expected, just millisecond later, Joyce opened the door of the wardrobe, came out of it and ran to Hiram cheerfully, shouting,"Daddy, Daddy! I came out first! Where is my reward?"

Smiling cunningly, he held her in his arms, rubbed her little head and said,"Wait for a moment. I'll tell you what the prize is when I find your brother too. Come on!"

Trying his luck upstairs, first he glanced at their bedroom with hesitation, but instead of going in, he went directly to the third floor. Here he used the same tactic.

"Jonny?... I've found your mommy and your sister! Where are you? Please, come out on your own and you are going to get a reward!

Jonny?" he asked again.

While passing by, Hiram heard a distinct noise from the storeroom. It must be Jonny. Apparently he heard Hiram's words, but he stayed where he was, instead of coming out.

The little boy was thinking logically that he had no idea whether his daddy was telling the truth. Thus, he chose not to move.

On the other hand, Hiram had known where he was from the first minute he stepped into the storeroom. So he came close, squatted down and started knocking on the boxes one by one. "Please come out, Son! How could a man hide in a box, tiny like this one?" he questioned, trying hard not to laugh in the meantime.

Soon, Hiram confirmed which box he was in.

When he finally opened it, he saw Jonny's disappointed face. "Daddy, how could you find out I'm here?" Jonny asked curiously.

After helping him out, Hiram said,"Of course, I know! Your daddy has superpowers! Now come downstairs to join Joyce. I'm going to seek for your mommy. Wait a minute and I'll bring her to you."

"What? You haven't found Mommy?" Jonny asked with pouting lips, as he realized that his dad had been lying.

Smilingly, Hiram rubbed his black hair. Then he went to the second floor.

When he got in front of their bedroom, he opened the door quietly.

Then Hiram slid in, closing the door behind him. His next movement was locking it from the inside.

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