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   Chapter 390 Leave Or Not

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No matter what her relationships with Lydia and Gavin had been like, Rachel had always found a home in Joanna. It was indeed unbearable for her to watch Joanna in such a helpless state. Rachel's eyes moistened seeing Joanna beg her again and again.

"Mom, I ……" she uttered in a choking voice.

Joanna grabbed her hands and looked into her eyes pleading,"Rachel, please do me this favor! Just go away and travel around for a few days! I believe that Gavin will calm down by then.

We are bonded by blood already. You're Jonny and Joyce's mother. No one can take that away from you. But look at Gavin now, please do me this favor and go away for a while!"

Rachel looked at her and shook her head, saying,"Mom, I've promised Hiram that I'll never leave him, and I can't leave my kids!"

How could she agree to Joanna? Where would she go?

It was her home here. She got such adorable kids and a loving and doting husband who even risked his life by taking the bullet for her. How could she leave them?

"Rachel, please consider what I've said to you. I've never intended to force you to do what you don't want to do, but I am helpless since this involves Gavin. You know, he's getting old. I have no other option but to give him the first priority," Joanna said.

Joanna could not look straight into Rachel's eyes as she spoke. She had her head tilted downwards as she wiped the tears from her face. Later, she patted on Rachel's shoulder and went inside.

Rachel stood still for a long time after Joanna had walked inside. What kind of a dilemma life had thrown at her. What would she do now? Her mind went blank.

She couldn't remember how she drove herself home. When she got home, she walked inside with a pale and blank look on her face. Fannie saw her in that state and asked where she had gone. But Rachel was not in a state to speak even a word. She went upstairs without exchanging a single word with Fannie.

As she approached the kids' room, she could hear the kids laughing and chattering between themselves. Kids and their innocent gestures are said to be the best stress busters for elders. Rachel tried to heal bruised heart by filling it with the sounds that came from the kids' room. But her mind was too much clouded and fatigued to even respond to it. She opened the door of her room and sat on the bed. Jonny and Joyce came running to her room and urged her to play with them. She forced a smile and tried to look normal in front of the kids.

One word that kept harping inside her head was 'leave'. It kept piercing her heart making it bleed profusely. Hiram's family had come to believe that Rachel's leaving them all was the solution to all their problems. How could they? Was she not a part of their family? How could they just think of throwing her out like that?

Fannie could feel that something was bothering Ra

anquility gave him some kind of an assurance. He felt that she was alright and it was just a false alarm.

Hiram lifted Joyce up in his arms cautiously without making any noise to her room next door.

Rachel and he had prepared rooms for the twins before they were born, but it was inevitable that they would share one room from time to time because the kids needed care.

Closing the door of Joyce's room lightly, Hiram went back to their room and drew the curtain before he lifted the cover and lay beside Rachel.

Rachel reached her hands to find Joyce in her sleep. Then she opened her eyes and sprung up when she could not touch her little body. She felt that little Joyce might have fallen down from the bed.

But instead she found Hiram lying next to her, laughing at her reaction.

"When did you come back? And where is Joyce?" she lay back and asked in a sleepy voice with her eyes closed.

Watching at her smilingly, Hiram said in a low voice,"Don't worry. I took her back to her room. This bed is too small for the three of us."

Rachel opened her eyes and looked at their king-size bed speechlessly.

Then she asked,"Did you have your lunch?"

"Yes, I grabbed something to eat on my way home. Come here! I'm tired after a whole morning's meeting. Let's take a nap together!" he replied.

He stretched his long arms and held her in them.

Rachel was sober enough because she had taken a nap before he came back, but she lay in his arms quietly.

Out of habit, she pulled his shirt to see his wound, and she felt relieved when she saw it was healing day by day.

"Honey, did my father say something that hurt you?" Hiram asked softly caressing her shoulders.

Hearing what he asked, Rachel felt as if she was whipped back from her cozy slumber. She had her eyes wide open as she stared with a blank expression on her face, not knowing how to reply to her husband.

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