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   Chapter 389 Hiram's Father Pleaded With Rachel

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After stepping in the room, Hiram saw Rachel sit on the bed with her knees held up to her chin. She didn't look happy or sad. She was just emotionless, sitting there still like a statue. Noticing that, he couldn't help being worried and striding toward her.

"My dear wife, I've come back," he said.

Then he heaved a sigh, sat beside her and held her close enough in his arms.

The doctors had tried their best to save Lydia throughout the night. But unfortunately, luck did not favour her. His parents broke down and couldn't stop grieving after hearing the sad news about Lydia. Hiram comforted his parents until they felt better.

"Why didn't you sleep?" Hiram whispered in Rachel's ears in a soft tone.

Rachel blinked and then gazed into his eyes. She asked in a sad tone,"Hiram, is it real that Lydia can't wake up again?"

Hiram responded with a slight nod. Then he kissed her on her forehead gently and said,"Yes. The doctor said that she may never wake up again due to her falling down which has caused brain damage for her."

Hearing this, Rachel broke down in tears as it was painful for her to bear this. She could not digest this news and felt restless thinking more and more.

"Well, don't be so sad. It's none of our mistake other than hers. This... This is the only solution for her!" said Hiram, wiping her tears with his fingers. "Otherwise, she would be sentenced to prison for years which would be equal to death for her," he continued.

Maybe, that was the main reason behind Lydia committing suicide.

Although Lydia had done a lot of unforgivable things against her, Rachel could not stop crying. She felt sorry for her.

"But, but after all it was because of me that she... Hiram, I, I, I had never thought that she would choose to end her life..." She cried in a loud voice, holding his clothes tightly and could not leave him.

Hiram patted on her shoulder gently, heaved a sigh and said,"I know. My dear wife, it's not your fault. She was so stubborn that she kept going in a wrong way. Haven't we given her so many chances to stop and start over?"

He added in a soft voice,"I had arranged for a hang out with Wade just for her to get involved with him and to make a bright future together. But she rejected such a nice guy, losing herself the chance to build a happy family and a better life."

Rachel hugged him tightly and cried loudly.

"Well, my dear wife, stop mourning. Maybe this is the only way to end our problems with her and it is high time that we start living

rry. I also have responsibility! Please. I beg you to stand up. Please?"

Rachel also knelt down for him and reached out her hands to hold his hand. She wanted him to stand up.

"Rachel! I beg you to leave Hiram. Every time I remember Lydia, I'm heartbroken." As he spoke, Gavin touched his chest with a dejected face.

"I beg you. I beg you to leave our family. If you leave, your mother will also leave, and I'll feel better. I'm begging you. Please leave, OK?"

As he pleaded with her to leave, he was about to give her a kowtow*, but Rachel stopped him from bending down to the floor. *TN: Kowtow is to kneel and touch the ground with the forehead in worship or submission as part of Chinese custom.

Joanna managed to wipe the tears rolling down her cheeks and tried to convince him. "Gavin, don't say like that. I'll talk to Rachel. Stand up quickly!" she said.

Rachel and Joanna finally lifted Gavin and carried him towards the bed with great difficulty.

Then Joanna dragged Rachel towards the small room. She wiped the tears from her face and said,"Rachel, I never asked you anything before. This is the first time that I am asking for a favour from you. Now your dad is weak and heartbroken. We can't do anything that would irritate or upset him!

I know that it might be unfair to you. But, but I really have no other option. I just lost my dearest daughter. I can't also lose your dad!

Can you, can you agree to leave? Just leave temporarily. Give some time for your dad to heal his pain of losing his lovable daughter. After few months or so, when he gets back to his normal life, you can return,"

said Joanna with pleading eyes, holding her hand.

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