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   Chapter 388 I Was Out Of My Mind

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Rachel tried her best to get herself out of the hands that were strangling her neck. Her neck was so bruised, to the extent that she nearly ran out of breath. Was Lydia out of her mind? She was using all of her strength and had one goal in mind, which was to kill Rachel.

"Lydia! What are you doing? Have you lost your mind?! Let go of me!" Rachel shouted out loud. She was already struggling to breathe and panting.

"Am I out of my mind? Yes, I am! You drive me crazy!" Lydia looked Rachel straight in the eyes and screamed at her. She failed to hold back her tears that were flowing relentlessly down her cheeks,"It's all your fault, Rachel! Why did you take Hiram away from me? He's my entire world! He means everything to me!

There are so many good men who are willing to die for you, yet you chose him! Why Hiram? Why didn't you want me to have him? I deserve him, not you!"

As Lydia poured her heart out, she increased the grip in her hands. Her eyes seemed as though it was filled with hatred.

Rachel had many admirers, which included Patrick and Daniel. She obviously had lots of choices to choose from. However, why did she choose Hiram? She must have known that Lydia had a huge crush on him?

She had never loved anybody in her entire life, except for Hiram. When they were children, she believed in her heart that, when they grew up, they would get married and live a happy life together. Lydia would never be able to comprehend the reason why she wasn't Hiram's bride. She imagined that Rachel did it on purpose and hated her for it. She had dreamed of killing Rachel millions of times and now, all she wanted to do, was to let her die.

Hiram who was in the study, immediately stood up from his desk and walked out of the study when he heard the noise outside.

When Hiram saw Lydia standing by the stairs' railing, strangling Rachel's neck, he shouted at Lydia,"Lydia! Have you lost your mind?! Let go of her! Now!"

Gavin, who was still in the study, also rushed out to the scene. He was freaked out when he saw what Lydia was doing. He then took a step back and asked in a trembling voice,"Lydia, what are you doing?"

Lydia saw the surprisingly shocked expression on Gavin's face. She suddenly felt like she was worthless, much like a damaged leaf, swaying in the wind. She even struggled to recall the feelings she had felt in her heart. She had no support from those around her and felt helpless and alone.

She couldn't find the courage to meet Gavin's gaze. She suddenly wished that a pit would appear in the floor so that she could fall into it and never return.

Seeing Lydia hesitating, Hiram rushed over and pulled Rachel out of Lydia's hands and into his chest. He asked in a low, hoarse voice,"Are you alright, Rachel?"


l for quite a while. However, she didn't hear her phone ring. Either that, or she didn't want to hear it.

'What's wrong with her?' Fannie thought.

It was already late, and Hiram hadn't come home yet.

Rachel couldn't wait any longer, so she decided to call him.

"Hiram? How is everything now? How's Lydia? Is she alive?"

Hiram remained silent for a moment on the other end of the phone. "I don't know yet. The doctor said that she's brain dead. It will be impossible for her to wake up."


Hiram's reply left Rachel speechless for a while. Although she didn't like Lydia, and the last thing she wanted, was for Lydia to die!

Besides, it would definitely be difficult for her parents-in-law to endure.

"Rach, listen. Don't blame yourself. It's neither your fault nor anyone else's. It was Lydia's own choice. I'll come home soon. Please, wait for me."

Then Hiram hung up the phone. Rachel couldn't understand. The words that Lydia said to her before she threw herself from the stairs, lingered in her head.

Lydia told her that Hiram was her whole world.

Did she mean that Rachel had robbed every ounce of happiness from Lydia?

Was that why she felt that her life was meaningless? Was that the reason why she chose to jump and kill herself?

Rachel realized that the reason why Lydia had returned home and stayed with her parents, must have been because of Hiram. He was the man she loved. She didn't stay because of Gavin and Joanna, her foster parents. If that was the case, it would make sense why she was willing to leave the couple who had raised her, behind.

Rachel made blind and disorderly conjectures for, what felt like quite a long time. Lifting her head, looking through the windows, she had realized that it was already dawn.

Hearing the front door open, she saw Hiram walking into the house.

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