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   Chapter 386 Personal Affairs

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"Hiram, is there anything wrong?" said Chad. Chad glanced at Lydia and thought, 'This seemed strange. Why could Lydia be here?'

Then Chad turned back his attention to Hiram and noticed that Hiram was very calm toward this situation. Hiram seemed to have an idea that Lydia came here without any surprise.

"Hiram, are we still going in?" Chad repeated.

Hiram looked at Chad and responded,"Sure, let's go in! Why shouldn't we? It's good that we'll be able to know what they'll say when we enter this room."

"... I guess you're right, Hiram. Come on. Let's go inside." Chad nodded and opened the car door for Hiram.

Meanwhile, in the other adjacent room,"Excuse me, Miss. I would like to ask you a question. Why do you ask me to send messages to Rachel? Are you the mistress?" Sid asked. He thought, 'Lydia must love Hiram so much that she deliberately asked me to send messages to Rachel.'

Then Sid showed Lydia the messages sent from his phone.

Of course, such messages were mostly made up. Most of them were compromised soon after.

Lydia looked at the messages and said,"You don't have to know anything. It seems that you're having a great conversation with Rachel. But I failed to expect Rachel to be skittish..."

"You flirt with Rachel by just a few words. I need you to be more active in this matter."

Sid grinned,"I'm actually very interested in Rachel. I have to remind you that this costs a thousand dollars for one message! Tell me, what kind of person Rachel is?"

Lydia made a copy of the conversations and returned the phone to Sid.

"You chat with Rachel as usual. I will book a hotel where you could meet Rachel. You are only responsible for flirting with Rachel. That's your only job. Don't worry about anything else." Lydia warned. Lydia thought, 'Hiram won't believe what I had said about Rachel's affair.

If I exposed a video of Rachel making love with another man to Hiram, there might be a chance for him to believe what I said.'

"Heh! By doing so, Hiram would easily believe what you said. Anyway, would you give me your payment for these messages first?" Sid said. He thought, 'I sent about forty or fifty fake messages. They should sum up to about forty or fifty thousand dollars!'

Lydia rigidly glanced at Sid and said,"You don't have to worry. When this matter is done, I will give you 100, 000 dollars."

"Well, I think that's not a great idea. I was hoping that you could give me some money first. Could you be a little more truthful to our agreement?" Sid said after being discouraged at what Lydia had responded.


rds, she stood up, laid down beside Hiram and asked,"What do these two words mean?"

Hiram glanced at Rachel with a smile, put his arm around her shoulder, looked through the pages quickly and explained to her,"These two words mean shorthand terms for a type of a landmark building."

"Oh, I remembered that I had seen it in books before. Since I have never done such a project for a long time, I forget..." Rachel engagingly said as she turned another page to read.

Hiram was feeling happy as he looked at Rachel. He smiled for he knew Rachel was really worried about him this time.

He suddenly looked back, 'In the past, I often brought similar documents home, but she would usually just take a look at it, yawn and say that she was dazed by reading the clauses. She had no interest in reading them at all.

But at this moment, she carefully read them line by line with patience. This looked pretty good.'

"After reading this document, I gathered five points to be able to discuss this with you. You only need to look at these five points..." About half an hour later, Rachel was able to explain them to Hiram one by one.

Hiram focused on the five points and discovered that Rachel was good at making a thorough synopsis on the document.

However, he noticed one of them needed to be adjusted. He marked it so he could ask Ben to revise it tomorrow.

"Well, Mr. Hiram, do you have anything else to do? If all is done and ready, we shall go to bed." Rachel put the documents back to the study to make sure they won't get lost.

"All is well at work. But, you know, there are more important personal affairs. Honey, I want to make love with you." Hiram looked at Rachel with bright eyes and smiled.

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