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   Chapter 385 The Woman Behind The Scheme

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In the afternoon, the next day.

"Hiram, we've found the creepy man. His location is not far, right in this community." Chad had found out the location of the man who had been sending inappropriate messages to Rachel. With Chad in tow, Hiram set off immediately to confront him, the moment he got the address.

Hiram went upstairs to the floor where that man supposedly was, with clenched fists and looking grim along the way. Chad knocked on the door and soon the door flung open.

As soon as the door opened, Hiram smashed his fist into the man's face.

Although he hadn't completely recovered from the injury, he had to teach this man a lesson. How dared he harass his wife.

The man who had opened the door didn't see Hiram's fist coming. It hit him so hard that he fell backwards, rolling on the floor in pain.

Chad quickly came up and searched the man for his mobile phone. After confirming that the mobile phone belonged to the man, he handed it to Hiram.

Hiram clicked his message and saw the content the man had sent to Rachel.

He suspected the messages might have been coming from Patrick but he dismissed it after giving it a second thought. The tone of the message content, however, was similar to that of Patrick's.

Patrick though, would not be that stupid. He would never risk exposing his location.

"Only answer me the questions I ask. Don't talk any nonsense to me. I have very low tolerance for bullshit. First one. How did you get this number?" Hiram found Rachel's phone number from the contacts list and showed it to the man.

He had named that number "baby". Hiram felt disgusted as he saw it.

Hiram had pinned the man down to the floor. Terrified by Hiram's rage, he almost fainted and quickly said,"Please don't hurt me. I'll tell you everything I know!"

"Someone gave me this number. She said she will give me one thousand dollars if I send flirty messages to that number. I only wanted the money and didn't think about the consequences."

Hearing that, Chad immediately slapped that man and said angrily,"You bastard! How dare you send Rachel inappropriate messages! You were playing with fire, you son of a bitch!"

After saying that, Chad smashed his fist into the man's face so hard that both of his eye sockets have now swollen and bruised.

Hiram took that man's phone and accidentally spotted a familiar phone number. He frowned sligh

ith him and went to the agreed place early. They installed cameras in many spots to monitor them.

At 5:40, Hiram also arrived and secured a place where he could watch everything without being seen.

Rachel's call came before he settled inside.

"Hiram, where are you now? Don't you know that you are still not 100% recovered? You should be here at home recuperating instead of going around doing God knows what. If you catch a cold, your health condition will get worse. Don't you know that?" Rachel complained anxiously, worried about Hiram.

Hiram listened quietly. Rachel's worry-filled voice on the phone somewhat made him feel lighter in his heart, despite the action that was about to take place shortly.

"Honey, I apologize."

"You…… It's no use apologizing to me. Dinner is ready. My mom made fish soup and we're waiting for you." Hearing his apology, Rachel held back the complaint and rant she was going to say.

"Honey, I will get home at seven o'clock. There's an emergency that I need to handle now. Don't worry, I promise I'll get home unharmed. If I come home with as much as a scratch on me, you can punish me as you want." Hiram said with a smile.

"Fine. Then, you must be home at seven o'clock and no later than that. We 'll wait for you." Since Hiram had made a concession, Rachel didn't grumble further.

It was his freedom to decide where to go after all. She couldn't make all decisions for him.

When Hiram hung up the phone, Chad whispered,"Hiram, they have arrived."

At that time, Hiram turned and looked at the man who was entering the restaurant.

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