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   Chapter 383 A Rare Gathering

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Hiram looked at Luke. "Collect as much evidence as you can." He saw the confusion cloud on the man's face. "Even if we grew up together, I won't tolerate her if she refuses to come to her senses," he said coldly sinking his head once again in the sofa.

Luke couldn't believe his ears and asked him one more time. "Are you really sure about this?" His eyebrows furrowed. "If this gets out, she would have no way back. Do you understand the conseque-"

Hiram threw the documents on the table and cut him off,"Shouldn't you be the one to answer those questions? You're the lawyer here, so why ask me the questions?" he said glancing at Luke.

Hearing the finality in his tone, Luke pressed no further, throwing his hands in the air. "Alright, fine. I won't ask anymore. I'll gather all the evidence," he moved to stand up and walked towards a window. Looking outside, he said,"If you change your mind, you know where to find me, but if you don't ..." he paused, as if waiting for Hiram's response, but he remained silent. "The investigation will proceed accordingly, and all the evidence will be against your sister." Luke finished.

Hiram lay down on the sofa, deep in thought. Even if he did otherwise and prevented it now, the time would come for the whole truth to be revealed.

Lydia had brought all the consequences to herself.

Hiram had been forgiving. He had given her so many chances, but she insisted on having her way.

If she listened to him and stayed in the US, this wouldn't have happened.

Hiram had done everything as an older brother, but this was the end of his rope. It was time for her to face the music.

His thoughts were interrupted when Rachel came in, holding two cups in her hands. She paused briefly by the door looking from one man to the other, then walked forward to put a cup of tea in the table. Luke sat down and sipped the warm tea. Then, Rachel handed the juice to Hiram.

"What are you two talking about for you two look so serious?" she asked, and then turned to Luke. "Luke, I can't thank you enough for everything you've done for my mom. Would you please stay for dinner? My mom wants to cook for you to show her gratitude."

She smiled at him, her eyes expectant.

Luke glanced at Hiram and said "Hiram, can I? Fannie even wants to cook for me." he asked and looked at him hopefully.

If Hiram didn't agree, he wouldn't dare take a bite even if a full table of delicacies was laid out in front of him.

Hiram said nothing and just grinned. He sipped the juice Rachel gave him, his grin turning into a slight frown.

Since the incident of him getting shot, Rachel had forbidden him to drink anything strong, including tea and coffee. He put the juice down on the table.

"That would be good. I'm tired of being cooped up in here all day. You can rescue me from my boredom. It'll be great if you can chat or play cards with me," he said.

. Later on, the dinner table was surrounded with lighthearted conversations and laughter between bites of sumptuous food.

After dinner, Rachel took a walk in the garden with the twins. Not long after, she saw Daniel arrive in his car. Luke went out to welcome him.

It was getting late, and it was time for the kids to go to bed. Rachel gave them a bath and was in the middle of tucking them to bed when Fannie knocked at the door.

"Honey, Hiram asked you to fetch a bottle of wine for them," she said. "Just go and I'll take care of them."

"Okay Mom," she replied and then turned to her children. "Grandma will tell you a bedtime story so you can sleep well, okay sweeties?" she said and kissed them both on their forehead before standing up and leaving.

She went to the cellar and took a bottle of 1990 Latour. Then she went to the cupboard to get three wine glasses.

As she went up the stairs, she saw Hiram, Luke and Daniel chatting with one another on the sofa of the leisure room.

Her spirits lifted at the rare sight. It has been three years since she felt this light.

"Evening! Let me serve you the wine!" she said, her voice cheerful and her eyes smiling as she walked to them. She opened the bottle and poured out wine into the glasses.

Suddenly, Hiram asked frowning,"Where is my glass?"

There were four people in the room, but he only saw three glasses on the table.

Rachel looked at him and said,"You're not allowed to drink now, remember? You're still recovering." She reached for his hand and looked at him sympathetically. "I'll go get some juice for you." she said, almost laughing when she saw the expression on Hiram's face.

Hiram squeezed her hand and said in a pleading tone,"Honey, it's hard to have Luke and Daniel here. Please give me a glass of wine. Just one glass, I promise!"

His eyes looked into hers with such brightness that Rachel could feel her resolve weakening.

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