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   Chapter 382 Without A Trace of Doubt

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From the sound of the footsteps, Rachel knew that Hiram had come in. She breathed a weary breath and smiled helplessly.

"I'm not a good wife because I was unfaithful. I hugged another man secretly," she said, and her voice awash with sorrow. She gave an empty laugh. "Maybe I don't deserve to be your wife, Hiram," she continued, and her back still turned to him.

"He knew I was in the room, but he still said all those things. It looks like there is nothing left to save from my reputation." She blinked against the tears that were threatening to fall from her eyes.

Hiram stayed silent for some moments, looking at Rachel's back. Her shoulders were slumped and her head was bowed. His chest tightened at the sight. She looked so fragile, as if she would fall over the moment a breath of wind blew on her. Hiram sighed and said softly,"Rachel, you can tell me what happened that day. You know I will believe you."

She walked towards the sickbed. Two bags were on top of it, packed. She kept her gaze lowered to it, putting inside the two things she forgot. "He came to say goodbye.

He also said that he was letting go of his resentment, and that he would no longer intrude in our lives." She paused, hesitating. "He hugged me as farewell. It was the first and last." She zipped up the bag.

"I won't force you to trust me, but what I told you was the truth," she finished, her voice cracking.

Hiram listened to every word. He continued to look at her but made no move to come closer. "I believe you," he said gently.

A gasp escaped from Rachel. She turned around, her eyes glistening. "Really?" she asked, hesitant to meet his eyes. "Aren't you doubting me?"

Hiram closed the gap between them and put his hand on Rachel's chin. Lifting her face, he saw the question in her eyes. He held her gaze and his eyes speaking to hers. "I trust you." Hiram said as his thumb slowly traced her cheek. "I know who you really are, and I will always believe in you."

The embrace between Rachel and Patrick didn't make him feel good, but Hiram knew the woman he married. He trusted her, as he always had for the past four years.

Rachel closed her eyes and lifted her hand to touch Hiram's. She looked at him and her gaze answered his warmly. "Hiram, I will never leave you. As long as you believe me, I don't care about what other people say."

What other people thought of her was of no c

ording pen and played it. Voices flowed out and filled the room. "Do you hear that? There is a 'he' in the recording. I had to listen several times to be sure.

With this, we can be certain that Fannie was not the person being referred to. There was another man who buried the baby under the foot of the mountain." Luke looked at Hiram squarely and continued,"Not even Dave knows when the criminal buried the baby. This is all the evidence you need."

Hearing this, Hiram was thoughtful for a moment. "Do you mean that Lydia planned the whole thing the entire time?" he asked, a frown settling on his face.

"Well…" Luke hesitated but continued,"Yes."

Hiram gripped the documents in his hand. He felt his anger rising. He thought that Lydia's involvement was just coincidence.

He got her drunk last time to get information that Gavin might had told her. However, he realized now that his aim was completely misdirected. He didn't expect that Lydia was the mastermind behind the whole case.

"What will you do?" Luke asked, interrupting his thoughts. "From my own views as a lawyer, she broke quite a lot of laws by falsifying evidence, framing others, and damaging other people's reputation," Luke said carefully. "According to the law..." Luke's voice trailed off and he left the rest of the sentence hanging.

Lydia was Hiram's sister, even if she was a foster one.

It would ruin his family's reputation if the crimes were brought to light.

Hiram raised his head slowly. "Go to collect evidence," he said.

"What?" Luke thought he misheard him. 'Did I hear him right just now?'

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