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   Chapter 381 I Trusted Her

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Rachel stared at Hiram. She recalled so much about the last incident. Hiram got hurt and it was because of her. She was so guilty that she kept blaming herself. She was in a mess. How could she simply forget and easily lie about it?

"Sorry Hiram, it was really my fault. Next time, I will try to be more comprehensive and predictive when I am thinking about the possible consequences of my actions." Still unsure, Rachel bowed her head.

Hiram grasped Rachel's hands firmly and said gently,"Rachel, I don't mind you lying sometimes as long as your reason for doing it will make us live with each other forever. Then, I'll consider it as a white lie and everything will be well worth it."

Rachel rested her head on Hiram's shoulders. "Yes, I know, Hiram. Thank you."

Rachel had stayed in the hospital and took care of Hiram for two days. So, Hiram recovered fast. But he still couldn't do much work except taking care of himself.

Rachel was helping Hiram tidy up his clothes. Then, Hiram suddenly embraced Rachel from behind. "Mr. Wolf, get your hands off me!"

The doctor said that Hiram was doing okay and he could go back home anytime. He also reminded Rachel that he shouldn't go back to work immediately and that he needed to stay at home and rest for more. Only when he was fully recovered could he return to work.

But Hiram, who was just getting a little better, started to flirt with Rachel.

Hiram moved his hands to Rachel's waist as he rested his head on her shoulder. He whispered in her ears. "Rachel, I'm bored already. I can't work and Dr. Larry doesn't allow me to do anything. What other things can I do except hugging you? Tell me, sweetie."

"Hey, let go of me, Mr. Wolf. Be careful with your wound. When you recover completely, you can do whatever you want to me!" Rachel said to Hiram flirtatiously. She then motioned him to sit down first. Although he was recovering well, it was only a couple of days since his major operation. The wound was still very fresh.

"Uh-huh." Hiram nodded his head. But he didn't let go of Rachel, still hugging her from behind.

While they were having an intimate moment, someone knocked on the door.

"Hiram, your Dad is waiting here, he has something to discuss with you." It was from Lydia.

Rachel pulled herself out of Hiram's arms. She lifted her head and asked Hiram. "Gavin wants to see you?"

Since the incident, Rachel called Gavin by his n


I know what you're thinking. You think that I don't like Rachel because of Landy. But let me tell you this, that wasn't the whole story!"

Hiram put down the iPad and said coldly. "That's enough dad. I will talk to Rachel and find out what happened that day.

She isn't that kind of person. I know and trust her."

Hearing Hiram, Gavin couldn't help but shout. "Hiram! Do you really think that she will tell you the truth once you ask her? I know that you're not doing so good in the past few days, so I didn't show you the video. Only now that you're getting better that I got the chance.

You can't trust Rachel anymore. She and her mother, they are just the same. They look innocent, but indeed they're very cunning and have done many immoral things. They keep on lying to us, all the time!"

"Dad... please stop!" Hiram interrupted Gavin. "I'll investigate this by myself. As for Aunt Landy's case, I'll investigate that too. By then, we'll know who are lying. I'm pretty sure that time will reveal the truth."

"Hiram…" Gavin sighed as his son didn't listen to him. He stared at Hiram, who had stood up, and begged. "Hiram, listen to me, my son. Get a divorce. I know you don't love Lydia. That's fine with me. I'm totally okay with you marrying any other woman that you like, but not Rachel!"

Hiram furrowed his eyebrows. He didn't want to listen to Gavin anymore, so he turned around and walked towards the ward.

But when he opened the door, he felt like there was something behind and blocking it from opening.

It was Rachel. She stood still behind the door and looked so startled.

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