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   Chapter 380 Hiram Woke Up (Part Three)

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Hiram returned to his old aggressive self the moment he came to consciousness. Rachel took his hand off her wrist and put the bowl on the table before saying to him,"Stay here with you? I'd love to, but I think somebody will be unhappy if I do that."

Lydia had done her best and took care of Hiram when he was in the coma. Rachel was pretty sure that Lydia would be mad at her if she'd stay because her secret plan would be ruined.

"Listen, Rachel, I don't give a damn on what others would think or say. I just want you to be here with me," Hiram said eagerly. There was nothing important than Rachel and their kids in his heart now.

Right at that moment, they heard the clear and lively voices of their twins approaching.

"Daddy! Mommy!"

Jonny and Joyce ran inside the room. Each one of them was holding a balloon of Sponge Bob in their little hands.

Rachel stood up right away and with her open arms welcomed them happily.

Standing by the door, Fannie silently watched the four of them. They were finally together and suddenly all kinds of positive feelings flooded her heart. She no longer joined them and quietly left the room. She had the idea of giving all the time to the joyous family.

"Daddy, how are you feeling now? Can you go home with us since you've wakened up?" little Jonny asked as he leaned over to his father and held his hand.

Looking at the twins, Hiram cracked a smile on his pale face and gently squeezed his little boy's hand before replying,"I'm feeling good, buddy! I'll be home in a couple of days. Listen up here, please take care of your sister and your mom for me, okay?"

"Daddy! I'm missing you so much! Can you hold me in your arms?" Joyce asked sweetly and grabbed the other hand of Hiram.

Rachel shook her head and smiled. She took Joyce's hands in her hands and said,"Listen, my sweetheart! Daddy's still hurting now. Although he's eager to hold you, you don't want him to hurt, right? Please wait for some time, okay?"

"Come here, my little princess!" Hiram said and reached out his hands to Joyce with a warm smile. Putting his hands around her shoulders, he patted tenderly and said,"Please give Daddy a couple of days. I'll try my best to recover quickly, and then I can hold you as long as you want!"

Joyce nodded her little head and asked surprisingly when she noticed the bandage on Hiram's shoulder,"Daddy, were you injured here? It must be painful, right?" Joyce asked successively.

"How did you get injured? Did you have a fight with

heeks blushed and tried to take her hand back, but Hiram held them tightly. "You should take advantage of this time and have a thorough rest. You've been working so hard and never took a long vacation!" she said.

Hiram didn't reply and suddenly asked,"Why didn't you listen to me?"

"What?" Rachel responded surprisingly.

She raised her head to look at him and understood what he just asked.

"I don't want to lie to them and I don't want to lie to myself, either. You were shot because of me, and that was the truth," she said and bowed her head to look at his hand. Then she pulled the sheet on him and sat beside him.

"I knew it, but I had hoped that you could think in my shoe. If I didn't wake up yesterday, I believe that you and your mom had already been taken away by my father," Hiram said as he frowned.

He wanted her not to tell them the truth because he was afraid that his father would vent his anger on her. He would feel awful if he saw or heard that she was being blamed by his parents when he woke up.

"My stupid wife, just listen to me next time. Things are more complicated than you thought. If I didn't wake up in time, or if I don't wake up until tomorrow, I don't know what I'll do when you're not around. Maybe I'll lose my consciousness again and never wake up because of the shot and my broken heart!"

Hiram said with his eyebrows raised. He didn't threaten Rachel but he was just telling the truth. He might end up like that.

If he woke up and found that she was gone. Or, when they told him that no one knew why she left him. He really had no idea what he would do. He couldn't afford to lose her, not even thinking of it.

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