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   Chapter 379 Hiram Awakened From The Coma

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Realizing that Hiram had awakened from the coma, Gavin couldn't help but softened his face. "Hiram, my son, you're awake!" he said in a surprised tone. He was happy as evident by a wide smile on his face.

As soon as she noticed Hiram, Rachel struggled to break free from the bodyguards who pulled her out of the room and strode excitedly to Hiram.

"Hiram, you're awake! You finally overcame the coma and woke up!" Rachel stared at him, teary-eyed but with a smile on her lips. She quickly approached him and held him in her arms.

Still weak, Hiram had to lean on her body for support. Actually, he had been awake for quite some time.

However, when he regained his consciousness, he was so fragile. He struggled to get out of his bed and walked to the door.

"Don't... don't talk. I'll walk you back to your bed!" said Rachel, as she noticed that Hiram was hyperventilating. She carefully embraced him and guided him towards the sickbed.

"Why are you two still standing there? What are you waiting for? Go and help them!" Gavin ordered the stupefied bodyguards.

Rachel assisted and slowly laid down Hiram on the sickbed. She then grabbed a cushion and put it under his back. "My dear husband, how do you feel now? Do you want to drink some water? I'll get it for you."

Hiram held her hand and shook his head. Then he shifted his eyes and looked in the direction of the doorway. Gavin walked in followed by Fannie.

Although Hiram just recovered from a coma, he was already conscious. Therefore, he knew that Rachel and Fannie came to visit him and heard all the commotions.

"Dad, I've heard what you said outside my room," he said.

Gavin cleared his throat and stood in front of Hiram's sickbed with his hands at the back. "Hiram, what I had said were all in your best interests. If you hadn't saved her, you wouldn't have gotten severely injured!

Now, I think the best solution is to throw this mother and daughter out of H City and leave our family alone. Only after they're gone that our family will have a peaceful life."

Hiram tensed his thin and a tad dry lips and uttered,"Dad, if one day mom is in danger, will you save her without hesitation like what I did to Rachel?"


Gavin paused and heaved a sigh. Then he continued,"I know what you mean. But you should know how important you are in our family. If you didn't wake up, the Rong family will also die out with you!" He said it in a sincere way.

"Dad. Rachel is my wife. Protecting her is the right thing for me to do. I hope that for the same reason and now that it's over, you won't deliberately make things difficult for her," said Hiram, as he closed his eyes weakly.

That was also the reason why he had reminded Rachel not to tell the truth to his father before he ha

ring his words, Rachel said okay and walked to Joanna. She took out a bowl, filled it with soup and walked back. She was about to feed Hiram the soup herself.

"Rachel, let me do it." Lydia walked over and wanted to take the bowl from Rachel's hands.

She had been the person who always stayed in the room and took care of Hiram. She, who had planned to go back to the hospital in the evening, just returned from home after taking a shower. But without her knowing it, he had waken from the coma before she could return.

"Lydia, you may leave so you could rest. I want to quietly stay alone with my wife." Lydia suddenly heard Hiram's words as she took the bowl from Rachel's hands.

"Okay, Hiram." She bit her lips, endured the unpleasant feelings, and then turned around and left the room.

Rachel took a small, square towel from the bedside cabinet and put it on Hiram's chest. Then she raised the bowl and was about to feed him the soup. But Hiram furrowed his eyebrows. It seemed that he was entirely unused to that 'treatment'.

It made him remember that Rachel often fed Jonny and Joyce the food in that way when they were little.

Hiram removed the small towel from his chest, raised his eyebrows and looked at the woman who spooned the soup to his lips.

Looking at them, Joanna gave out a lonely smile. Her son had grown up and had the company of the woman whom he loved. As his mother, she need not worry about taking care of him anymore.

"What are you doing? You're a patient now. You can't be so picky." As she spoke, Rachel took the clean square towel again and wiped the corner of Hiram's mouth. Then she spooned the soup to his lips again.

"You should respect my will because I'm your patient now." As he spoke, Hiram seized her wrist which was holding the spoon.

"Stay with me tonight, okay?" he sweetly requested.

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