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   Chapter 378 Hiram Woke Up (Part One)

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"Charlie, please tell your master. My mom and I will leave in a moment. He need not worry about anything. There is no need for any more drama." Rachel said without looking at him. She was holding Hiram's hand tenderly in her hands, but the look in her eyes was melancholic.

"Mrs. Rong, I insist that you and your mom come with me. You're fully aware that you have to face it sooner or later, right?" Charlie said, feeling awkward.

Even if Gavin didn't run into them today, he would seek for other opportunities to see them later.

Fannie looked at Rachel and shook her head with a deep sigh. She persuaded Rachel,"Don't be like this, honey. I'm going to talk with your father-in-law, and you stay here with Hiram."

Charlie looked at them and hesitated for a moment. Then he reached out his hand to show Fannie the door.

Rachel stood up right away. She watched Hiram's face affectionately and fixed his hair. She then turned around to join Fannie.

She loved her mom and would never let her face Gavin alone, especially when she knew what kind of hurtful words he was capable of throwing at people.

All of them were sitting on the sofa in the living room of Hiram's ward.

Gavin looked at Rachel and Fannie, who were sitting across the coffee table, and brought out a blank check in front of them.

"Here is a check, and you can write whatever figure you'd like as long as you agree that you will leave H City before tomorrow morning." Gavin said without batting an eyelash.

He was being straightforward because he could no longer stand them. Just being in the same room with them made him want to vomit. He did not want to see them ever again.

It was fortunate for him that Hiram was in a compromised situation although no longer critical at the moment. However, Gavin didn't know what would happen next time.

People from the Ruan Family must have been cursed. He had to keep them away from his son. Even if Hiram never forgave him, he would do what he should do as a father. He could not afford to be softhearted.

"Dad, it is clear to me that you want Hiram and me to get divorced," Rachel said without any anxiety in her voice. Fannie was about to say something but Rachel grabbed her hand to stop her from blurting out anything.

"That's right. I can arrange for a divorce certificate for you even though Hiram is unconscious now. You and your mother need not to worry about it. Please leave the city before tomorrow morning!" Gavin said in a low voice.

Glancing at the check on the table, Rachel couldn't help but laugh and said,"Stop your wishful thinking! I'm afraid that you need at least one month to clear things up, and one night is ridiculous."

"Rachel, wait……" Fannie asked worriedly. She gazed at Rachel and couldn't believe her ears. 'Did Rachel really consider leaving Hiram?' she wondered.

Gavin snorted and said disapprovingly,"I said I could manage it. If you don't want to write a figure on the check, then I'll do it for you. Just fill the check and I'll send Charlie to bring you the cash. The car is available at any minute!"

Rachel patted on Fannie's hand telling her not to worry. Then she raised her eyebrows and spoke loudly,"I don't think so. Hiram and I had signed a prenuptial agreement before we got ma

eed out the source of all his troubles before Hiram woke up.

If he agreed to Fannie's offer, Rachel could still find her and bring her back. Then all his efforts would be in vain.

If they both disappeared and went off to some faraway place, it would be hard for Hiram to find them.

Fannie shook her head and looked at Rachel,"Stop it, Gavin! Please don't do this to Rachel. She's innocent. Do not get our kids involved. This is between you and me!"

No matter how hard Fannie begged, Gavin did not listen. He was done with them. He waved to Charlie and said,"Please go and get their things ready now! Both of them need to leave tonight, and I expect this to be carried out perfectly."

"Yes, my master! I'll go now!" Charlie said immediately and headed towards the door of the ward.

Gavin's priority was to get rid of Rachel and Fannie from this city and he would explain to Kun, Director of the Public Security Department, himself later.

Since Dr. Larry said that Hiram would wake up any minute, Gavin thought that this was the best opportunity and he should grab it without any delay.

"Gavin Rong! Do you have to force me to leave Hiram like this?" Rachel protested furiously.

She quickly stood up. After everything that her mom said to him just now, he still insisted on carrying out what he had planned. Was he made of stone?

"You insolent woman! How dare you! How could you show no respect to me? Get out of my face right now!" Gavin couldn't take it. 'This woman must be insane for calling me by my first name!' he thought.

Rachel then lost her temper. Gavin had sent her mom into prison before and now he was forcing her to go away. Thinking of all that, Rachel was bursting with anger.

The door was opened from outside, and two bodyguards in black walked in. They grabbed Rachel and Fannie, dragging them to the door.

At that very moment, the door of the inner room opened.

"Stop it! What are you doing?" Hiram asked weakly.

He was naked from the waist up, and the bandage was tangled around his arm. He was standing there with one hand on his chest looking as pale as the white wall, and it took all his strength to shout at them.

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