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   Chapter 377 A Visit To The Hospital

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Rachel sat down and tried her best to smile naturally. She pretended that nothing happened. "No, nothing. I'm alright and I have nothing to hide, mom. And you're no longer in the prison. So, I'm doing great, mom! Oh, Luke told me that he was confident about your case, so don't worry. Nothing can go wrong with this."

"I know that. He talked to me few days ago. I'm talking about you. Why didn't Hiram come back with you? Did you have a quarrel with him again?"

Fannie was smart and it wasn't easy for Rachel to steer Fannie away from the topic. When Rachel finished talking, Fannie brought up the topic again.

"You know what, Rachel? You can't lie to me. You're my daughter and I know you well. I can tell from your face that something has happened!" Fannie looked at Rachel as she continued. "Well, I have nothing to fear now. If you get into trouble, just tell me. Let's face it together, okay?"

Rachel was holding Joyce. Her face became serious gradually. Rachel bit her lips and finally said," Mom, Hi… Hiram…"

Rachel didn't know where to start.

But she knew clearly that she could no longer hide it from Fannie. Sooner or later, Fannie would find out.

"He got hurt."

Fannie was going to get the rice. When she heard Rachel, her hands were shaking. "What do you mean? What ha… what happened to Hiram?"

Rachel said bitterly and sadly, staring at the table. "Mom, it is hard to explain to you. It's a long story. Anyway, he got hurt and he's in the hospital now. I just came back from there."

When Rachel finished her sentences, Fannie stood up immediately. "Take me to the hospital right now! Hurry up!"

"Mom, Hiram got hurt because of me. And Gavin doesn't want to see me. If we go to the hospital now, I'm afraid that…" Rachel tried to say something, but she hesitated. Either way, she knew that Fannie could understand what she was trying to imply.

"No way. I tell you what. I don't care whether Gavin wants us to visit Hiram or not. It is our decision. As long as we want to visit Hiram, no one can stop us from doing that! You're my only daughter. Although Hiram is my son-in-law, I already consider him as my biological son. And now he's in the hospital. How can't I go visit him as his mother?"

Fannie was determined.

She felt something went weird in the room. She could sense it as Rachel arrived back home. It turned out that Hiram got hurt.

"Rachel, we need to have our own character. Just because Gavi

ie and Rachel. His face grew more serious and gloomy. He turned around and walked inside quickly.

"Rachel, let's go inside." Fannie said as she grabbed Rachel's hand.

Rachel nodded and walked inside the ward with Fannie.

When they walked into the ward, they ignored Gavin who was standing by the window and directly walked to Hiram.

Rachel stared at Hiram who was still lying in bed with his eyes closed. She couldn't help getting emotional. "Why are you still in a coma? It has been one day!

Hiram? Honey?" Fannie looked at Hiram, lying unconscious, and asked softly," Rachel, did Hiram get hurt very badly?"

Fannie took a look at Hiram's chest, which was wrapped in thick bandages. That was probably where the bullet hit him. No wonder he was still in a coma until now.

"Yes. Dr. Larry said that the bullet grazed his artery, which caused an excessive loss of blood. But thank God! He was rushed here to the hospital and operated on, in time. Otherwise, Hiram might…"

Rachel couldn't bear the thought of losing her husband. She looked at Hiram's eyes. Somehow it felt like his eyes were darting and making small twitching movements. She had a strong sense that Hiram was going to wake up today. Why hadn't he opened his eyes?! Rachel was both anxious and excited. She couldn't wait.

"Hiram? Can you hear me?" Rachel said and held his hand tightly.

However, this warm and sweet situation didn't last long.

"Mrs. Rong, Mr. Rong wants to see you and Mrs. Ruan. He wants to talk to both of you." Charlie said to them, standing beside the door.

Hearing this, Rachel sighed quietly. 'Let the fight begin.'

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