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   Chapter 376 She Finally Saw Him

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"What are you doing? Lydia, let go of Rachel!" Luke said as he ran over to them.

When Luke found out that Hiram was hurt, he told Daniel the news. Upon hearing the news, Daniel cleared his schedule and came all the way from another city to visit and support his friend.

"Luke, if it wasn't for her, Hiram wouldn't have been shot by a bullet! Instead of being guilty, I caught her hugging another man outside! How dare she! What a shameless woman! I will never allow her inside and disturb my brother! But here she is, insisting on seeing him!" Lydia told Luke everything in a loud voice, chattering fast. She wanted Luke to take her side.

Daniel was walking in with a basket of fruits in his hand. When he heard what Lydia said, he knitted his eyebrows and turned his eyes to look at Rachel who remained silent, ignoring Lydia.

"Lydia, watch your mouth! Rachel is your brother's wife, an elder member of your family. If you don't want to show your respect for her, at least don't trash talk her." Luke scolded Lydia giving her a stern look. He didn't believe Lydia who was obviously exaggerating. She had gone overboard and crossed the line with her reaction. Luke then turned around and said to Daniel,"Let's go inside."

Still ignoring Lydia, Rachel followed Luke and Daniel into Hiram's ward.

Gavin wasn't in the room at that time, giving Rachel an opportunity to slip in.

Rachel almost ran into the room where Hiram was, as soon as she got past the door.

She saw Hiram with an intravenous drip to his arm, lying on the bed with his eyes closed. She stared at him through her tears, which had started flowing relentlessly. All she could do was to stroke his hair and touch his face with one hand and cover her mouth with her other hand to prevent herself from crying out loudly. Her body trembled as she wept quietly.

Rachel didn't care that the tears were flooding in her eyes. She reached for her husband's hands and called to him,"Hiram... Can you hear me, honey? I'm here. Why haven't you woken up yet? It's been so long. Don't scare me, please!"

The ward was actually a suite which had its own living room. Luke and Daniel went there first to put things down and give Rachel time with her husband. Then they walked into the room, staring at Rachel who was crying at the bedside.

"Don't tell me it's your first time to see him after he got shot." Luke said. Hiram had been in coma for few hours, but it seemed like Rachel had just seen him now. Unbelievable! How could a wife not visit her husband in the hospital, especially at a critical moment like this? There were no rules for that!

Rachel wiped tears off with a sleeve and cleared the lump from her throat. "Dad blames me for this accident, saying that Hiram was shot because of me. He doesn't allow me to visit Hiram..."

Daniel walked towards her and said, frowning,"How could Gavin blame you

ther people around.

In her heart, however, there was almost no respect left for him. She felt no need to be polite to Gavin, his father-in-law because he did not deserve it.

"Hi, Mom. What's the matter?" As she stepped out the ward, Rachel received a phone call from Fannie.

"Rach, when will you come back? Joyce and Jonny are waiting for you." Fannie still didn't know what had happened to Hiram.

Rachel kept the news from her mother because Fannie had just been released from her detainment. Rachel didn't want her mother to worry.

"I'm on my way back right now." Rachel cast a glance at the room and replied after a moment of hesitation.

"Okay then, please hurry. They are still anxiously waiting for you! If they don't see you soon they might start crying." Then Fannie hung up.

Rachel let out a sigh. She put the phone back into her coat pocket and walked towards the exit.

Back at the Tulip Palace, when Joyce saw Rachel, she ran to her mother and hugged her mother's legs so she could lift her off the ground.

"Hi my baby girl! Did you miss me?" As Rachel lifted Joyce onto her hip with her right hand, she held Jonny's hand with the other as they walked into the house.

Fannie had prepared dinner and set the table. When she saw them entering, she asked her daughter,"Rach, will Hiram be joining us for dinner?"

Hearing Fannie's words, Rachel lowered her head and said,"He is busy. He won't come home tonight."

"Mom, dad won't be home tonight?" Jonny tried to confirm when he heard Rachel's reply, his face full of disappointment.

Fannie then put down the bowl and chopsticks she was holding. She looked at her daughter who seemed depressed. She didn't notice until just now. But under the bright lights, she could see Rachel's eyes were red and swollen. 'Did she cry on the way home? What had happened?' she thought.

"Rach, take a seat.

Tell me the truth. What happened?"

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