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   Chapter 375 I Will Give Up

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Carl was in a bad mood. He sighed slightly and said,"Hiram hasn't woken up yet. It doesn't look like he is going to wake up anytime soon. But the doctor said that considering his situation, it is normal for Hiram to remain unconscious for the next one to three days. Before then, we will just have to wait. Hiram has been in a coma for only a few hours."

With what Carl just said, Rachel felt quite distraught. She took a breath and was about to walk towards Hiram's ward, but Carl stopped her.


Carl grabbed her arm.

"Wait. Uncle Gavin and aunt Joanna are both in the ward now. You will surely meet them if you enter the room now. And you are very likely to get into an argument or it will be very awkward at the very least. It is bound to disturb Hiram's rest. It may even stress him out. But don't worry. I did hear that uncle Gavin would be leaving soon. It won't be too late for you to see Hiram after he leaves, okay?"

The tears in Rachel's eyes started trickling. She couldn't even stay beside her husband when he needed her the most. It was the only thing she wanted to do at the moment.

Rachel pulled Carl's hand away, turned around and walked out, disappointed and disheartened. She just wanted her husband back.

She stopped at the garden and sat on the steps, staring blankly at the grass on the ground.

Sometimes, the simplest thing is also the hardest.

"He's still alive, isn't he? Why are you crying?"

A voice came out from behind the tree near Rachel. She looked back and stood up at once.

"Patrick, how dare you come here?

Why didn't you just die in the explosion? How many lives do you have? You have no right to be here." Rachel strode over to him with heavy and angry steps once she realized that it was Patrick. She grabbed him by his shirt collar.

Patrick took a step back but didn't resist her aggression. "Rachel, you see nothing but my hate. But you don't see my pain...

Did you really think that I am a superhuman who would escape from that fatal explosion safe and sound?" Patrick said painfully,"Can you assure me that Hiram had nothing to do with Marcia's attack against me? I just paid him back for what he has done."

Rachel stepped back, shaking her head. "No. Hiram didn't do it. He wanted to deal with you, but he didn't mean to kill you. The one who really wanted you dead was Marcia!"

Patrick grabbed Rachel's wrist and took a step forward. He stared down at her with his brown eyes. "Rachel, what use is it for you to say this now? There has always been a feud between us since the beginning."

"Well? So, are you satisfied now? Hiram is in there

to find a replacement?"

Rachel stroked the slapped cheek which had turned red and started to slightly swell and have a burning feeling. She gave Lydia a cold look but said nothing.

Then, she walked towards the ward, paying no attention to Lydia who hadn't stopped yelling rabid words at her.

"Stop there! What makes you think that you have the right to see Hiram now? Did you think about him when you flirted with that man just now?" Lydia shouted.

Rachel paused, but she still didn't answer Lydia. Instead, she just walked straight into the ward.

Lydia gritted her teeth. If she had remembered to bring her phone with her, she would have been able to shoot a video of Rachel and Patrick being intimate. Then, how could she stay beside Hiram?

As Rachel got closer to Hiram's ward, Lydia caught up with her and grabbed her arm. "What are you doing? Criminals and whores are not allowed inside. You are not to enter the room and disturb Hiram's rest!"

Rachel wrinkled her eyebrows and pulled Lydia's hand away. "You have no right to order me around either."

"I have no right? Well, yes. Hiram is lying helplessly and unconsciously inside, and he couldn't do anything to stop you, so you go around hugging and flirting with the next man you see, right?"

Lydia sneered. She had underestimated this woman. She had captured the heart of this city's most powerful businessman and yet had the audacity to be immoral with someone else.

"Let me remind you, you worthless bitch, Hiram got hurt for you. You are a shameless sinner, do you hear?"

Saying this, Lydia grabbed Rachel's hand again and pulled her out of the ward. She just wouldn't let Rachel get in.

Right at that moment, there came two people from the opposite corridor.

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