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   Chapter 374 Hiram Remained Unconscious

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After a long wait and inexplicable anxiousness, the doctor finally walked out of the operation room. "How is Hiram, Doctor? Please tell me! Please!" Having seated closest to the door, Lydia was the first one to spot the doctor. She jumped at the very sight of the doctor coming out of the OR.

Gavin and Joanna held their breath as they approached the doctor and waited for a reply about their son's health.

Rachel stood at a distance staring straight at the doctor's face trying to read his eyes and lips as he spoke.

"Mr. Rong and Mrs. Rong, the operation is over. Sadly his artery was damaged and he lost too much blood. But fortunately he is out of danger now because he was brought in to the hospital at the right time. The operation was successful. He is unconscious now. But he will recover soon."

Joanna heaved a sigh of relief. She asked anxiously,"Doctor Zou, when will he come to his senses? And how long will it take for him to recover completely?"

"It all depends on him," Doctor Zou said with a reassuring smile,"we'll discuss about his recovery plan when he comes to his senses. Don't worry! I've called Doctor Larry. He will join as soon as he is back from abroad. We'll make an optimal plan for Mr. Hiram's recovery. Please have faith in us!" Doctor Zou explained.

Each patient was different and thus he couldn't give an accurate reply till the time Hiram woke up.

"Doctor, may I ask? Will he get any sequela?" Gavin asked anxiously. After all, it wasn't ordinary injury, and it was gunshot.

Doctor Zou turned to Gavin and said,"I know what you're concerned about. But don't worry, Mr. Rong. Your son's physical conditions are very good, and he'll recover to his old self very soon only if he follows our instructions properly."

Joanna asked anxiously again,"Doctor Zou, can we go and see him once?" Being a mother, Joanna was growing impatient to see him.

"Mrs. Rong, listen to me. We have to make sure everything's alright before letting you go in to see him. We know that Mr. Hiram is different from normal people. He needs to stay inside for a while before we send him back to his ward," Doctor Zou explained patiently.

"Okay, I see. It's very kind of you, and I totally agree. I'll pray to God for his speedy recovery. What else can I do?" Joanna mumbled as she heaved a sigh and placed one of her hands on her chest.

It was a great relief for Rachel to hear that Hiram was out of danger. She closed her eyes and said a prayer silently. However, no matter what the doctor said, she could not be assured till the time she could see Hiram in person.

As the Doctor walked towards his chamber, Gavin accompanied him. Lydia held Joanna's hands and got her seated on the chair. "Lydia, you need to go home now and bring some necessities for me. I'll stay here with Hiram," Joanna turned to Lydia and urged.

Lydia nodded and said,"Okay, mom. I'll go home and come back as soon as possible, and I'll stay here with you!' She patted on her mothers hands that s

and is lying inside, and it's God's verdict for a wife to take care of her injured husband."

"Rachel, I don't care what you have done before, but now Hiram got shot and almost lost his life because of you. Do you think I can forgive you?" Lydia shouted and blocked the way to the ward.

Rachel replied coldly,"I don't remember when I've done anything wrong to you. Then why are you talking about forgiving me? Please get out of my way, and I have no wish to meddle with you now."

Rachel pushed Lydia aside and walked directly to the door.

Before Rachel could enter, the door got opened from inside.

Gavin came out and said to Rachel,"He is still unconscious, and I don't think there is anything you can do even if you're inside. You'd better not disturb him now."

Rachel peeped to take a look inside. It was a special ward and the bed was in the inner room. She couldn't see Hiram. All she could see was the living room at the door.

"Fine, I won't go inside. I'll wait outside," Rachel said and turned to the couch.

Carl took a deep sigh as he witnessed the ordeal Rachel had to face. As his nephew, Carl had no rights to persuade Gavin to let Rachel in. He glanced at Rachel and then turned to Gavin, saying,"Uncle Gavin, I'll just take Hiram's stuff inside. Just give me one minute."

Gavin nodded to him and turned around towards the ward.

Carl shared a glance with Rachel and blinked to Rachel before he went inside. He could go in and check how Hiram was doing. And then he would tell her everything he saw.

Sitting on the couch outside Hiram's ward, Rachel was so nervous that she kept rubbing her hands. It had been four hours after Hiram had his operation, but why he didn't wake up yet? She was so worried. Her only hope was Carl who could give her the current status of her husband.

A moment later, Carl came out. Rachel stood up right away and almost ran to him.

"Carl, how is he? Please tell me everything!" she could not wait any longer to hear about Hiram.

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