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   Chapter 373 Hiram Got Shot

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Instinctively, Rachel turned and looked back. Patrick and Hiram were a little far away from her as she was facing the street corner on the right side.

Rachel didn't know that

Patrick and Hiram already knew in which direction the bullets would go by carefully listening to the sound of the automatic machines when they pitched a bullet, as they had been here for a while


Hiram shouted before running to her. As soon as he got close enough, he wrapped his big, strong arms around Rachel. All thoughts of his safety were disregarded when Hiram saw that his wife might be hit by the oncoming bullets.

Just as he reached Rachel, Hiram furrowed his eyebrows for a split second. Then he gazed at Rachel and asked,"Are you all right?"

Rachel was startled. She shook her head at Hiram endangering himself before answering. "Yes, I'm all right. What about you? Did you get hurt?"

Hiram shook his head. "I'm fine." When he spoke, his voice was husky as though he had trouble speaking. After a frown and a deep breath, Hiram continued,"You can't stay here. Get out of here, sweetie. Be quick!"

Patrick had rushed in Rachel's direction when he saw Hiram hurrying to her rescue. His eyes widened when he saw Hiram's back. "Let's get out of here. We're done for today!

Turn on the light!"

Patrick shouted. A moment later, the whole street lit up.

Rachel didn't know that Hiram had been hurt. She just grabbed his hand and walked toward the door.

Patrick followed them with his head bowed. He was flooded with conflicting emotions. Every few seconds, he would glance at Hiram's back. The blood pooling in the spot where Hiram had been shot seemed to be growing.

When he asked Hiram to come here, Patrick had been determined that only one of them would walk away unhurt. The only acceptable resolution would be that one man died. However, when Patrick saw that Hiram had been shot, he didn't feel happy or relieved as he thought he would.

Still holding Hiram's hand, Rachel led him into the house. The silence in the house worried Rachel. There had been so many men here just a little while ago. When did they leave?

She was even more astonished when she noticed that Patrick hadn't followed them into the house.

At this time, Kun had arrived with several helpers. As soon as he had heard the news, he had gathered as much support as possible and rushed to the house.

"Hiram, are you okay?"

Now that Rachel and Hiram were in the house, and under the bright light, Rachel realized that Hiram was sweating profusely. She was startled by his appearance and squealed. "Hiram!"

Meanwhile, Hiram was biting his lips to contain the pain he was feeling. His face was pale from the blood loss and the exertion.

"Call an ambulance!" Seeing Hiram's pale fac

e of her!"

Gavin walked up to Rachel as soon as he heard what Lydia said. "Rachel, tell me. What did you say just now? Say it again!" he demanded.

Rachel turned her head away. She didn't want to look at Gavin. "Yes, Lydia is right. Hiram got hurt because of me."

When the incident occurred, Rachel was being aimed at. Hiram had rushed to push her away in an attempt to save her. That was how he got shot.

Although Hiram had told her not to say anything to the others just before he passed out, Rachel finally decided to be honest with his family.

Gavin was furious. Hiram was his only son. Because of Rachel, Hiram had chosen to oppose him in public to defend Fannie and Rachel. And now, Hiram had almost lost his life because of her. Gavin couldn't put up with this anymore!

"All right, all right. Calm down, Gavin. What's the point in asking all these questions? There's no use in crying over spilled milk. You can't lose control now, Gavin. Hiram needs you!" Joanna walked toward Gavin as she tried to calm him. She gently took his hands in hers as she spoke. Then she shouted at Lydia.

"Lydia, I know that you're worried about your brother! But we don't know the whole truth. Don't blame Rachel for all this, okay?"

Joanna glanced at Rachel and sighed before she walked to the door of the operating room with Gavin.

Rachel buried her face in her hands. Her shoulders shook with the effort to keep her emotions at bay.

Before he fainted, Hiram had told Rachel not to tell anyone about this.

He knew that his family would blame her.

But Rachel wasn't afraid. As long as he survived and returned home safe and sound, she would take the blame.

'Hiram, you can't die.

You promised me that you wouldn't die.'

Rachel snapped out of her thoughts as soon as the door to the operating room opened and the doctor walked out.

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