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   Chapter 372 Bullets In The Air

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A man who was smoking leisurely dropped his cigarette in a hurry. Nonchalant that the lit cigarette dropped on his knee, he frantically shouted at others,"Hey, come on!

Guys, stop her!"

Rachel who was trying to escape had opened one door. As she was about to go out, she felt that someone grabbed her clothes and was trying to pull her back in. She gathered all her strength and pulled harder to free herself. Fortunately, she thought of releasing her coat, got away and ran out of the door.

'Where... where am I?'

Rachel was confused after she got out.

There was a run-down cabinet blocking her way.

However, Rachel found a back alley at her left.

It was already in the dead of night and the alley was pitch-black. Although she got out of the door, Rachel had no idea where to go.

"Hey! Miss, stop! You can't go in there!" the same man in a cap who chased Rachel out shouted at her.

Having no time to hesitate, Rachel chose a direction and bolted hastily. However, she felt something was wrong.

She wondered why the men chasing her stopped when she ran into the alley?

Rachel felt more creepy, stopped running and just walked forward. 'It doesn't seem normal.

Patrick suggested Hiram gambling with their lives. If there's an ongoing fight, there should be noises, but it's too quiet in here.

Did they go somewhere else?'

Rachel thought. At the same time, she felt something fast passed near her ears.

Subconsciously, she touched her ear then a few strands of short hair dropped on her hand.

She suddenly understood why the men who were chasing her didn't dare to follow her to the alley.


Patrick, where... where are you two?"

Rachel called with an elevated heart rate. She wondered where they were...

and what was the thing that flew fast beside her?

Rachel decided not to move.

At that time, there was no moon in the sky, nor a single person and not even a trace of light.


only stop after all bullets have been shot," Patrick said, and then he suddenly shouted at Rachel,"Duck!"

Rachel subconsciously listened to the command and felt one bullet shuttled over her head.

"Patrick, stop being foolish, okay? Hiram is my husband. I will be a widow if he's killed. Is that how you show your affection to me?" Rachel's heart was beating fast. It was like she just brushed past death.

However, Patrick seemed to be unaffected. He laughed and gave a glance at Hiram.

"It's better if he dies. You won't be a widow because I will marry you, and I will treat his son and daughter like mine."

Hearing this, Hiram punched at Patrick with his deadly hand. "Keep dreaming! She is my wife. She would never be yours!"

Patrick slightly stepped aside and avoided Hiram's attack and then smiled wickedly. "Really Hiram? Let's see who will get out of here alive."

Rachel was too scared to close her eyes. She thought to herself, 'They still have the guts to fight with each other.'

"Stop! Stop fighting, please!. Just stop it," Rachel screamed as she gazed at the men fighting.

Together, Hiram and Patrick stared back at Rachel and in panic shouted in one voice...

"Rachel, stay down!"

At the same time, a bullet could be seen flying in the direction of Rachel.

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