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   Chapter 371 How About We Bet On Our Lives

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The guy who was wearing a mask looked familiar to Rachel.

It felt like she had seen him before somewhere yet she wasn't sure.

"They are here, Boss." The man with a cap said to the man who was wearing a black mask.

Thus, the masked man turned and looked at the people who were standing outside the door. He shot a short glance at Rachel and then stared at Hiram. His eyes lingered a few more seconds on Hiram before he waved at his subordinates and said,"Let them come in."

Nervousness was welling out of Rachel's chest when they walked in. She was grasping on Hiram's hand tightly as she held a crying little boy with her other hand. Her eyes were never leaving the masked man who was sitting comfortably inside the room.

The air inside the room was both heavy and sinister. The man with a mask was skillfully playing with a Swiss army knife as he kept his attention to the couple. Then without any further ado, he stabbed his knife into the table with a loud thud.

"Can you guess who I am, Mr. Rong?"

Hiram gave the man a quick once-over and then laughed. "Mr. Yan! Nice to meet you again after a few days. What's with all the mystery, huh? You really don't have to do all this if you just want to see me. You could have just told me and I'll come."

"Oh, yeah? I highly doubt that. Don't you and Marcia want me to die? You two could have been successful if I weren't this mysterious, right?" said Patrick. He sat on the table and let out a hollow laugh from his throat.

It was possible that Hiram did nothing. Nonetheless, Marcia wouldn't let him live.

The woman had tried to kill him once but failed. He bet that Marcia was extremely nervous after he survived the explosion. She might be shaking to death now while thinking of how gruesome his revenge would be. She would definitely do whatever she could to kill him.

"Cut the crap! What do you want from me?" Hiram hissed dangerously as he protectively stayed holding Rachel's hand.

Meanwhile, Rachel wasn't even blinking as she kept on staring at the masked man. It was a few seconds more when realization suddenly hit her and made her mouth ajar. That man! The man who saved her that day was Patrick! Oh, God! How could she not recognize him?

She noticed that Patrick had been evading her stare as if he didn't even want to look at her directly. Why?

"Well, Mr. Rong, I, Patrick Yan, am a desperado now. I fear nothing. Therefore, you'd better tell your subordinates to mind their behavior and do not strike back. Otherwise, there will be a loss for both sides of the situation,"

said Patrick as he took a clean towel that his subordinate handed him. He drew the knife from the table and used the towel to wipe his knife.

Rachel was stunned at what Patrick said but then looked outside upon hearing loud noises from the courtyard. H

ing. She was locked by Patrick's subordinate inside that house. They shut her out of everything and she couldn't even see what was going on outside. She was surrounded by Patrick's men who were all keenly keeping their eyes on her.

She kept pacing back and forth. It was only seconds ago when Patrick and Hiram walked out of the door but Patrick's subordinates made it impossible for her to know anything.

"You two get out! I need to find them." She went hysterical and grabbed the men by their arms. She wanted to get out! She couldn't just wait here!

What were they going to do?

Bet on their lives? Patrick was insane!

"I tell you what. Mind your manners, little miss. Although our boss told us not to do anything to you, I personally don't mind disobeying my boss if you keep acting like that." The man with a cap said as he gave Rachel a malicious once-over.

"Oh! Aren't you worried? You just said that Patrick is your boss. Are you just going to allow your boss to do things like this? Aren't you afraid that something bad might happen to him?" Rachel shouted at him. What the man said made her feel even worse. She was both frustrated and anxious now.

Patrick changed a lot when he came back. He was insane. He might hate his own life and wanted to die but then he couldn't just ask Hiram to join his suicidal act with him!

"Shut up! Boss has his own plan. Stop making nonsense noise! Otherwise, you'll regret it!" sneered the man with a cap at her.

Rachel could only wish that she could pass through the door to see what was happening behind it. The time was ticking and only God knew what was going on.

Five minutes more passed by

and Rachel couldn't just sit on the sofa any longer. Waiting was insanely absurd! Thus, when the gatekeeper changed shift with the other man in the house, she stood quickly and ran with all she got towards the door!

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