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   Chapter 370 Lure Them Out

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"Hiram, what's happening?" Rachel opened her eyes. She saw a group of people in front of her. They were walking towards the car. Her heart raced in fear.

Hiram remained silent and narrowed his dark eyes. He pulled the gear into reverse. In the rearview mirror, he saw another group of people walking towards the car from back.

They were being surrounded. "Mr. Rong." A man wearing a cap knocked on the window. He bent down and leveled his head with Hiram.

"Get off the car, so we can have a chat." There was a sinister glint in his eyes as he spoke.

Hiram knew he had to act fast. "Honey, hold on tight," he said and drove the car backwards. There was a narrow alley to the right. It would fit only one car at best. He steered the car towards the direction of the alley, the engine giving out loud sounds from the speed at which he drove.

"Ah!" Rachel shouted, taken by surprise. Her shoulder slammed against the car door from the car's fierce movements.

When she realized what Hiram was about to do, her eyes widened in alarm. The street was too narrow. Feeling as if her pulse went with the car's speed, she closed her eyes. She heard the screech of metal as the car scraped against the walls on either side of the narrow alley, the friction spewing sparks.

She screamed loudly. Not once had she ever thought that she would find herself in a scene she only saw in movies.

Despite the speed at which Hiram was driving, Rachel felt as if the seconds held still.

The narrow alley seemed endless. Her ears were ringing with the loud screeches.

How far were they from the end?

She looked back. The people from earlier were chasing them. How did they find Hiram? Who were they and what did they want?

While she was immersed in her questions, a resident living in the alley poured water from above. Water rained on their car with a big splash, covering their windows in a translucent haze.

Rachel's panic rose. "Hiram, what do we do now? We can't see the road clearly." Everything in front of them was blurry. The water was full of foam and even the wipers were unable to make much of a difference. There they were, forcing their way in a narrow alley, windows half-covered in foam, and chased by people for god knew what.

Hiram gritted his teeth. "It doesn't matter, hold on tight," he said, looking into the rear-view mirrors on both sides of the car and continued to propel the car forward.

Rachel reached for Hiram's arm, her eyes widening in worry. "Hiram, maybe you should stop the car. What do they want? Shouldn't we talk to them first? It's so dangerous to drive this way!" Rachel reasoned nervously, glancing back tentatively at the people b

le were cunning. Hiram had tried to lure them out alone, but he had failed.

It seemed that Rachel was their target.

"Hiram has instructed us to do everything it takes to ensure Rachel's safety. Now get moving. Tell everyone to get in place," he finished. Kun got inside a black private car

and drove in the direction of Hiram and Rachel.

Inside the car, Rachel fixed her gaze outside and watched as the car passed many streets. It was useless. She didn't recognize any of the roads. The car continued to pass several turns before it stopped.

Once she got out, she saw that the car Hiram was in already parked in front of them. He got out of the car after some moments.

When Hiram saw Rachel, relief flooded him. She was alright. He walked over to her but was blocked by two men. "Move," he growled, his jaws clenching. The men was surprised and didn't do anything more.

Hiram came over to Rachel. He looked into her eyes and his expression visibly softened. "Are you all right?" he asked gently, taking her into his arms. He whispered into her ear,"Honey, trust me, everything will be fine. I won't let you get hurt."

Rachel nodded her head feeling the familiar warmth of her husband's arms. The men motioned for them to go into a dilapidated house made of red bricks. Around it, there was an overgrowth of weeds and grass, and its windows were closed. They were approaching the front door. Rachel walked with one hand holding the kids', the other taking Hiram's.

In truth, she was still wondering about who was behind these things.

What did that person want? Why go to such lengths to bring them there?

When she stepped into the house, a light was switched on. It revealed the figure of a man.

Rachel stood rooted to the spot, her heart taken by shock.

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