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   Chapter 369 Go Hunting With Hiram

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"Let's go hunting now," Hiram replied.

"Hunting? I thought that hunting has long been forbidden!" Rachel mumbled as she sipped her milk. Most of the wild animals were now government protected, and game hunting had become almost obsolete.

Hiram shook his head and said,"No, there are animals raised solely for hunting. It's totally legal."

Rachel grunted. She knew that Hiram was a good shooter. He must really love this game even though not many people still engaged in this sport nowadays.

He glanced at his wife, who was sitting beside him. He was trying his best to stay with her because of what she was going through.

She had been trying to be normal in front of him, but he could see the misery in her eyes. She was always absentminded or forgetting what she was doing.

Popping the last piece of bread into her mouth, Rachel sipped the rest of the milk and then took a piece of tissue to wipe her lips. "My mom told me that Luke visited her the other day," she said.

Fannie looked better when she visited her and it was apparent that Luke had already talked to her.

"He's been working on a bail for Fannie, and I believe that she'll be out in a couple of days. So, don't worry, honey! Things are getting better." Hiram grabbed her hands to comfort her.

"Thank you, honey! All I want is for her to stay with me and live a peaceful life together. She's getting old and I want to spend more time with her as much as I can. I promise that I won't blame Dad for what happened. As long as he stops, I'll move on as if nothing happened." Rachel said as she lowered her head.

If Gavin could get rid of his stubbornness, it would be possible for her to accept him as her father-in-law like before.

"Honey, don't think about it too much. I really don't care about what my father is thinking now." Hiram said softly in his attractive voice.

"I know that he can't understand it even if I try to talk to him. But do you know what's on my mind? I think that it's our family that owes your family a lot. And Aunt Landy's death could have been a punishment from God.

This is what I believe. Although my father may be unable to think as I do, he will someday."

Hiram thought that God sent Rachel to his side so that he could treat her well as a compensation for the wrongs

, Hiram opened the trunk of his car and put them inside, saying,"I'm flattered! I've enjoyed myself quite well, and I think the twins will be happy."

"What? Are you kidding? I don't remember that you were a vegetarian, but you are now?" the man burst out laughing, seeing what Hiram was holding in his hands.

Rachel knitted her brows at the hares and pheasants in his hands and thrust all the toys in the back seats.

"I always think it's good to free captive animals from time to time. Right! Okay, I have to leave now, Mr. Liu, as I've got other plans for the day. See you!" Hiram said smiling and he opened the door and went in. He wasn't mad at the man teasing him.

As long as his wife was happy, he would do anything he could for her, let alone shoot for toys.

Getting in the car, Rachel watched the man from the rear view mirror and asked Hiram,"People can take away the animals they shoot here, right?"

"Yes, all of them and it's covered in the ticket," Hiram replied as he buckled his seat belt. But usually people couldn't get as much as they had brought.

As they drove out of the hunting ground, Rachel yawned and was close to dozing off, holding a stuffed long-eared rabbit in her arms.

She fell asleep in a few minutes.

She was sleeping soundly and she didn't know how long she had slept before being woken up by a sudden break.

She opened her eyes in a daze and found that it was already dark outside. Suddenly a group of men appeared in front and approached their car. Was this an ambush?

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