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   Chapter 368 Fighting Back

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Early afternoon on the next day, in the fitness room of a private club

"Hiram, I have investigated the matter. Several of the bodies found in the scene had been blown into pieces during the explosion and couldn't be identified. Patrick Yan's father found on a body's arm a watch, which was exactly the same one as Patrick was wearing before. Therefore, he thought the body was Patrick and took it back.

However, we still can't confirm whether the body is Patrick or not,"

Chad said to Hiram, who was working out on the treadmill.

Slowing down, Hiram thought for a while before answering,"Unable to confirm means that he might still be alive. We didn't find any medical record of Patrick in the hospitals during our previous investigations. Therefore, it means that he might have known something about the accident beforehand.

He couldn't have made it out alive, unless he had had an escape plan."

"Hiram, do you mean that Patrick might have known all of this in advance and therefore had decided to play along, so that everybody would think that he died in the explosion?! Chad said, trying to catch up with the speed of Hiram's vigorous thinking.

"Well, it looks like we can't rule out this possibility."

Hiram said, as he stopped the treadmill and wiped the sweat off his forehead.

"But, Hiram, what could possibly be his purpose in doing this? Lots of men, whom he relied on to build his business empire during the past three years, were killed in that explosion. Even though he might have survived that explosion, whom could he depend on, if he is to revenge on Marcia afterwards?"

Chad asked with a look full of doubt.

There were so many questions in this accident. Since it was impossible that Patrick would come to Marcia for revenge with bare hands, he must have had someone powerful supporting him secretly. Definitely, this one couldn't have been any member of Mo Family. Who could this mysterious person be then?

"Relax! What will be, will be. Besides, send more guys to follow and protect Rachel, and report immediately to me about anything abnormal," Hiram said, as he grabbed a bottle of water, when a sudden thought struck him like a lightning.

How was it possible that he hadn't thought of it sooner?! Patrick was very likely to come to Rachel, if he had survived that explosion.

"Okay, I know," Chad nodded reassuringly to Hiram and got ready to leave. When Chad opened the door, Luke was heading to Hiram's office with the speed of light. The two men greeted each other,"Good day to you, Mr. Jian."

"Good day. Where is Hiram?" Luke replied, holding a folder in his hands, as though it was a secret treasure he had just found out.

"He is inside, waiting for you. Please,


"Rachel, this is Charlie. Do you have an answer to our proposal?" Charlie asked.


Silent for a while, Rachel took a deep breath, as if to gather all the strength she had, and then shouted,"Charlie, tell Gavin that if he hopes to see his grandchildren ever again, he would better not take this insanity to an extreme. Otherwise, I'll revenge on him at any cost."

After finishing her words, Rachel hung up the phone, still feeling very angry.

Why was Gavin so desperate to see Rachel leaving Hiram?

Regardless of why, the truth was the more he acted like this, the less likely Rachel would be to leave Hiram.

Just as she was ready to get in Carl's car, a Maybach drove near and stopped right in front of her.

"Get in the car!" Hiram commended from inside the car.

Rachel opened the door of the car and replied to him with a surprised tone,"Why did you come here, darling?"

"I just finished my fitness workout and now I want to take you to a special place. Are you free this afternoon?" Hiram asked, as he glanced at Rachel and started the car's navigation system.

"Yes, I am free. Since the bidding is over now, I have taken two days off." Rachel said sweetly, taking out a carton of milk and a sack of bread from the car's refrigerator. Then, she checked the expiration date of both the milk and the bread and asked,"Did you just buy them?"

"Yes, I bought them on my way here," Hiram answered with a gentle smile. He knew that Rachel liked snacks, but the normal ones were not healthy. Therefore, he bought milk and bread for his love.

Rachel opened the packaging of the straw, inserted it into the carton and started to drink milk and eat bread. Just as she was deliciously enjoying her food, she noticed that the navigation system was on and then asked,"Where are we going?"

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