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   Chapter 367 Patrick Yan Was Alive

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All of a sudden, Rachel's eyes became watery as she looked at Hiram. She breathed deeply and looked around.

"Don't cry, sweetie. Why are you crying?"

Hiram wrinkled his eyebrows and stared at Rachel. He held her into his arms and said,"I've already asked Luke to be your mother's lawyer. Trust me, he is capable of releasing her from prison within the shortest time."

Rachel just shook her head. She didn't say a word, and just hugged Hiram tightly.

She knew clearly that no matter what he did, he would be the most embarrassed person in this predicament. It probably might be the most difficult thing he had ever dealt with.

If Hiram chose to be an enemy of Gavin and fight the latter in court, he would be an impertinent son.

And yet, Hiram chose to defend Fannie and stand by Rachel's side without hesitation.

"Alright, stop crying, sweetie. I'm off from work today. Let me show you around. They will begin working soon. It will be finished in two months if things go well. By that time, we can bring Jonny and Joyce here,"

Hiram said. He was holding Rachel's hand and explaining to her as he showed her around.

"Mr. Rong, someone wants to see you." Chad didn't mean to interrupt them. But it was something urgent and he had no choice.

Hearing Chad, Hiram furrowed his eyebrows. He said to Rachel,"Wait here, honey. I'll be right back."

"Who is it? What happened?" Hiram walked downstairs. Chad reported to Hiram as he followed him. "Mr. Rong, Marcia Mo is here to see you in person. She said she had something urgent to discuss with you."

Hiram reached the ground floor and saw Marcia sitting on the sofa, waiting for him. Seeing Hiram, she stood up. One of her arms was still injured and with thick bandages on it.

"What happened, Miss Mo? I thought no one could hurt you."

Holding her injured arm, Marcia smiled bitterly. "I'm not bullet-proof. Of course, people can hurt me."

"Miss Mo, have a seat please." Hiram sat on the sofa in front of her and asked Chason to make tea for them. "What's going on? You came to personally see me. I guess, the things you want to discuss must be really important."

Marcia asked her bodyguards to give them space. Her face became serious. "Mr. Rong, I was ambushed by someone last night. I had a narrow escape from it. Otherwise, I wouldn't be able to come here and see you today. I'm afraid that someone might… someone wants to... kill me."

Then, Ch

Did you hear the whole conversation?"

"Yes, Hiram, tell me. Is Patrick... still alive?" Rachel walked towards the sofa as she asked Hiram. Somehow, she was a little happy and excited to know about the news.

After all, it was human life. If Patrick was still alive... she might feel less guilty.

"Are you happy that he might be still alive?" Hiram couldn't help raising his eyebrows and questioning her as he sensed her excitement and happiness.

Rachel shook her head and sat next to him. "Hiram, no. It's just… I've been feeling guilty about Patrick's death. I thought it was me that caused him to lose his life. Don't be mad at me because of him, okay?"

Hiram sighed. He grabbed Rachel's left hand. Two hands with wedding rings on them were holding together tightly. "Okay. But I need to tell you this. If he is still alive, Marcia and I might probably get into trouble."

"What? Why? You didn't plan the explosion!" Rachel screamed.

Hiram smiled bitterly. "So what? Patrick knew that I went to see Marcia before the explosion. Even though I was not involved in the explosion, I don't think he would buy that."

"What can we do about this?" Rachel became worried and anxious. She didn't want Patrick to die, that was for sure. However, she didn't want Hiram's life to be at stake either!

Hiram grabbed her hands tightly and looked at her. He said to Rachel reassuringly,"Relax, sweetie. Patrick won't be able to hurt me. Even if he is still alive, he would not be capable of hurting me."

Hearing Hiram's words, Rachel felt much more relaxed. And yet she still wondered, could Patrick be still alive?

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