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   Chapter 365 Welcome To RaR Castle, Mrs. Rong

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Rachel stood up barely feeling the ground, as if she was floating on a cloud. This was the first time for her to give a presentation as a designer, and it was normal for her to feel nervous.

At this very moment, she remembered what Daniel had taught her when they were working on the Cliff Mountain Project. When giving a design introduction, the presenter should be straightforward and direct to the point. Always focus on the theme, explain it vividly as if telling a story and pay attention to the most important details.

Rachel's presentation was spectacular, drawing the attention of everybody present. She was so easy to watch that everyone was glued to the front of the room, no one saying a word so as not to miss anything.

She gave the garden and the other two courts two completely different designs. And because the owner's budget was big enough, she adopted a strong and bold yet creative style in her design, which brought her work to life in everyone's mind.

"Awesome, amazing! All your designs are fabulous!" Chason praised.

He stood up and began applauding while the rest of the audience followed and pretty soon she got a full standing ovation. Afterwards, Chason gestured to the waiters to serve tea with pastries and sweets.

"Thank you all for your efforts! Please enjoy the simple refreshments we prepared while I go inside and discuss it with the owner. We'll give you our decision shortly!" Chason said and retreated to another room.

After he left, the designers sitting on the left of Rachel gathered together and began murmuring.

"Ms. Zhang, this new company is doing better than we thought! They really have something in their hands!" One of the designers said to the woman who had a bet with Rachel.

"Right, I think so. Look at their plan, it's as good as the ones made by top-class designers!" another guy agreed.

"Could you just shut up? She knows nothing about design! Just an ignorant little girl. And how could you compare her with those top-class designers? Their plan is not practical at all, and what are they showing? They have nothing." Ms. Zhang retorted angrily hearing her colleagues praising Rachel's design.

Rachel ignored her reaction.

"But Ms. Zhang, it would be an embarrassment if we do not get this project!" Another designer couldn't help but ask, worriedly.

"Hmm. Look, I didn't notice this before. The name of her company, RaR Company, is the same as the castle's, RaR Castle! Ms. Zhang, don't you think there is a connection between the two?" A male designer in black rimmed glasses said in a low voice and glanced at Rachel.

Even though they were speaking in hushed tones, Celine listened closely to them.

Listening to what they were saying, she lost her temper and slammed her folders on the table in front of her. "What the hell are you talking about? Are you that insecure just because our design is better tha

chel was either frozen with disbelief or suffering a stroke. She hadn't moved from her spot and her face was expressionless. Thus she had to make everything clear herself.

"Oh that? I will have to discuss it with the owner first." Chason said reluctantly and rubbed his hands. The castle was constructed for Rachel, and he believed that she wouldn't accept the bonus when she found out the truth. He was sure about that.

Seeing that Chason didn't answer her question directly, Celine became anxious and exclaimed,"What is going on here? I don't understand. I thought we had a deal. The one who wins the bid would have a bonus of 1 million. Don't tell me that there is no such a thing!"

"I......" Chason got nothing to say, and was close to crying. Celine's assertiveness was too much for him.

He was hoping that Hiram could come out now, and then he could clarify everything and save Chason from further inconvenience.

He was losing control of the situation as he no longer had the answer to Celine's endless questioning.

Suddenly, Rachel pulled Celine aside and asked Chason directly,"Where is he now?"

"Where is who, now?" Chason said even more reluctantly, pretending to know nothing.

He realized that Rachel must already know.

Taking a deep breath, he said,"Please follow me, Mrs. Rong!"

Rachel held Celine's hand and walked behind Chason, heading to the hallway.

At the hall, they saw two groups of servants standing in a neat line. They bowed to Rachel and said uniformly,"Welcome to RaR Castle, Mrs. Rong!"

Chason gestured to the servants to move aside.

The next second, the white cover was pulled down from the wall and a huge photo of Rachel was revealed, hanging in the hall. It was typical of Hiram, introducing his wife to the world proudly and in such grand showmanship.

Chason nodded to the pianist who began to play music, and the atmosphere immediately became warm and elegant.

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