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   Chapter 364 RaR Castle

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The next morning.

It was the sound of her alarm clock that burst Rachel out of her sleep. She quickly picked the phone up and found that someone had reset her alarm to half an hour later than she did. Her eyebrows knotted as she averted her gaze to the other side of the bed but Hiram wasn't there anymore.

She was about to get up when Rachel received a call from Celine.

"Rachel, are you up yet? You should be there at exactly nine o'clock. Don't be late!" reminded Celine in an urgent tone as she was afraid for Rachel to be late.

The bid was going to be held today and it permitted no delay.

"I know. I'm up now. I swear I won't be late. Don't worry about that," answered Rachel while yawning. She ended their call and reached out to place the phone back to the bedside table.

However, something on the table caught her attention when she turned her head. It was a note.

'Rachel, you can do it!'

Her mind teased as she stared at Hiram's graceful handwriting. A sweet smile automatically cracked her lips as she thought about him. Would there even be a time for her to be ready to leave him?

She didn't think there was. Where else could she find a man as gentle and as considerate as Hiram? There was nothing that could compare to him.

Rachel washed her face and changed her clothes. She quickly grabbed her makeup kit and put on a little makeup after seeing her swollen eyes in the mirror.

She came to their company first and then drove towards the West Mountain District together with Celine.

It was their second visit to this place and Rachel was more familiar with it now.

Moments later, she was already entering the door. It was when she noticed a huge board beside the gate with the words RaR Castle clearly written on it.

She didn't pay too much attention to it the last time she came since she was in a hurry. It was different now. There was a surge of familiarity that was attacking her senses as she looked at the words.

Rachel realized afterward that RaR actually stood for Rachel Ruan and it was the same name of her company.

Celine didn't notice it as she had been careless too. The beautiful scenery of the place had taken her attention from everything. "Rachel, the air here is so fresh! It's a pity that this is the last time for us to visit here. We will have no chance to come here again!"

"I guess not if we successfully win the bidding. We will need to establish our partnership with the castle's owner. Thus, we'll have the chance to come here more often." Rachel fixed

our speeches about your projects. We will sign a cooperation contract with the one who wins the bidding as soon as the result comes out," Chason said and pointed to another glass wall which was tinted in amber-yellow.

His words made all the people inside the room feel nervous and frozen.

Celine slightly touched Rachel with her arm and whispered,"What do you think? Is the man behind that glass wall an old man? Is it possible that he built this castle for a lover?"

"Don't talk nonsense. I believe that the host must have prepared the castle for his wife. It seems that the host knows the hostess so well. They must have lived together for ages," said Rachel in a small voice as she cast the amber-yellow glass a quick glance.

It was the sound of Chason's clap that stole everyone's attention.

"Silence, please. Let's start this presentation from the company that gave us the design first. Representatives from the A Company, please kindly take over the floor."

Meanwhile, there were two men who were just silently watching the scene behind the amber-yellow glass.

"Hiram, what if Rachel's design is not as good as the others?" Chad said in a small voice as he sat with Hiram.

"Chad, why don't you have confidence in your own family? What do you think of Rachel? Even if their designs are better, we just can't let Rachel's effort go to waste. Thus, we should use her project!" Carl refuted as he secretly came in.

Hiram, who was sitting in front of them, glanced at them and said,"Shut up!"

Chad and Carl immediately stopped talking and focused on the people who were presenting their design proposal.

It was going to be Rachel's turn shortly after this.

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