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   Chapter 363 The Dispute Between Father And Son

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Hiram walked to Rachel, crouched down and held both Rachel and their daughter in his arms. "My dear wife, you look upset. What's the matter?" he asked with concern.

Turning her head away, Rachel wiped the tears from her face, stood up and said to their daughter,"Joyce, go and play over there, okay? Mom and Dad need to talk."

Hiram looked at Rachel, who was walking out of the room. Then he also stood up and followed her.

"What happened?" asked Hiram, walking into the bedroom and closing the door.

Rachel had just recovered from a series of depressing circumstances. It had taken Hiram a few attempts to cheer her up. But now she seemed unhappy again.

"I visited my mom today... Someone beat her up. There were bruises on her arm. She said she was okay, and that it was an accident but I'm not buying it. She's being harassed in there. There might be other injuries that I don't know of. Hiram, I'm so scared for my mother." Rachel's voice trembled as she spoke, her eyes filling with tears again.

Hearing her story, Hiram furrowed his eyebrows. But he didn't reply immediately. Instead, he took out his phone and walked to the balcony to make a call.

After about ten minutes, he returned.

"Kun said that two female prisoners had a fight and your mother was accidentally injured. She wasn't involved in the fight herself. He have arranged for her to be in a separate cell. It won't happen again..."

"No." Rachel cut him off. She closed her eyes, took a deep breath and continued,"It couldn't have happened accidentally."

"I'll keep investigating. We already have the address of the prosecution witness. There will be more clues soon," said Hiram, gazing at Rachel, looking helpless. He could only imagine how his wife was feeling.

Closing her eyes and nodding, Rachel raised a bitter smile and said,"Hiram, can you save my mother out of prison now? You promised that you would protect me and my mother, remember? She's also your mother now. Every single day that she spends in that horrible place sucks the life out of me. I don't know how much longer I can endure this."


"Can you— Can you just tell me if you can or if you cannot!" She suddenly raised her voice at him. The emotions which she had tried hard to suppress all suddenly came rushing out. She had finally caved in and just let it go.

She thought that she could still live with Hiram and ignore all these things. But with the development of the case, she could no longer ignore it. The more she tried to forget, the more it occupied her mind.

Hiram looked at her with determination. As his dark eyes narrowed, he said,"Okay. Wait here, I'll be back."

As soon as he finished his words, he turned around and left.

Rachel sank to the floor and wrapped her arms around herself. She had used up all her strength and now she sat paralyzed. She knew that she shouldn't have forced Hiram to do it that way. He could do anything for her, but he was just a businessman. What powers did he have to influence the police to release her mother? She had constrained Hiram to do something beyond his power.

She also knew that Hiram had tried his best to investigate the whole thing, to the point of going against his own father, Gavin. But the most important thing for her at the moment was to get her mother out of prison. She

looked at the moon which was almost full. She raised her glass and took a sip. She still kept silent.

"Honey, I know you're depressed. If you want to hit me or scold me, then do it. Don't hold the unpleasant feelings inside. Just vent it all out on me." said Hiram in a guilty voice, putting one arm around Rachel's shoulders.

Sometimes he really hated himself. He hated himself for not having the ability to know things before they happened.

If he had that ability, he could have avoided all these unpleasant things from happening so that Rachel wouldn't have to be hurt and suffered like this.

"Tomorrow is the day that you are going to bid for the design of the West Mountain District. You have put a lot of effort into it. Even if you don't care about yourself right now, you should at least care about your company and your performance. I'm sure that you're gonna ace it again as usual. So think about that and be ready for tomorrow, okay?" Hiram tried to cheer her up. He lowered his head and kissed her on her hair.

Rachel raised her glass and drank up the rest of the red wine in her glass.

She took a deep breath and looked at the bright moon in the sky. Then she felt that the glass in her hand was filled with more red wine.

"Let's go to bed after drinking this last glass." Hiram winked as he filled his own glass.

Soon after, Rachel drank up the scarlet liquid. This time, she felt the buzz of the alcohol. It was fine. It was what she wanted. She felt much more relieved now. She looked at the man sitting beside her and said,"... Carry me up..."

"Okay. Let's go." She felt her husband's strong arms lift her up and carry her to the bed. She put her arms around him, her face on his neck.

When Rachel found a comfortable position to sleep, she felt that Hiram stood up again and left. He returned with a warm, wet towel.

He knew that she was in no mood to take a shower, so he fetched her a wet towel to help clean her face and hands.

"Have a good rest. Don't think so much," he said. After helping Rachel do the cleaning, he got on the bed and held her in his arms.

With the help of alcohol and sniffing the warm pleasant scent of Hiram's chest, she finally fell asleep.

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