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   Chapter 361 Honey, Try To Enjoy

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"The library? What are you doing up there at this hour?"

Rachel asked, puzzled. But she went to the staircase anyway and wondered what Hiram was up to.

When she got to the third floor, she heard someone playing the piano, and the sweet melody coming out from the library.

Was Hiram listening to music in the reading room?

Rachel was shocked by what she saw the moment she opened the door. She froze from where she was standing and forgot to step inside.

The melodious rhythm made Rachel feel the passion that the music was about.

Right in front of her was Hiram playing the piano, and she couldn't believe her eyes.

He was sitting in front of the grand piano, and his spidery fingers were sweeping the ebony and ivory keys with such grace and perfection. Hiram was wearing a white shirt and his profile looked like that of an ancient Greek God, handsome and masculine. Rachel was spellbound, lost in the music, staring into her husband's eyes.

Soon he completed his piece.

She was still standing at the door.

"Why don't you come in? You chose this place, but why did you make me wait for so long?" Hiram asked smiling broadly as he looked at his stunned little wife.

Rachel then remembered what she had said in the car. It was a joke but he took it for real.

"I believe that you're ready. Am I right?" he asked and cracked a smile. He noticed that Rachel had changed into her nightgown and he could smell the fragrance of her bath soap. She must have taken her shower already.

Rachel coughed as if she didn't hear him. She walked to him and sat beside him in front of the piano, reaching out her hands and pressed the keys. "I was wondering why there is a piano here. Since you know how to play, why didn't you ever play it for me before?" she asked seriously.

"Bad timing!" he replied matter-of-factly. He wanted to spend time with her after they got married, and he had even less time to think of it after the twins were born. He would rather have more time to spend with them than play the piano.

Rachel raised her eyebrows and said expectantly,"Well, that makes sense. Can you play another song for me? I want to listen some more."

Luke told her once that Hiram was musically talented. She should have known that he could play the piano.

Before Hiram resumed playing, she played 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star' first. She once saw its piano score in one of Jonny's books.

After that, she made a quick glance at Hiram and said,"Don't laugh at me! You know my mother couldn't afford a piano when I was a little girl."

Hiram frowned and laughed. He

other black and red mountain bike wheeling towards her without slowing down.

"Mooove!" The rider in team uniform shouted.

Rachel's attention was on the first bicycle and didn't notice the one that was unable to slow down.

When she saw it, it was just one or two meters away from her.

"Oh my!" Rachel screamed out and closed her eyes, frozen where she stood. Suddenly she felt somebody push her from the street, the bike missing her by a couple of inches.

Then she heard somebody groaned miserably. She opened her eyes immediately and found a man standing in front of her. He had saved her from a collision with the bike.

She was still trying to get herself together after the near-miss with the bike. The man wearing a mask dragged her to the stairs quietly. After she regained her composure, she grabbed his hands and asked, breathing quickly,"Are you hurt? Let me take you to the hospital!"

The man shook his head and brushed off her hands. The next second, he turned around and walked away without saying a word.

"Stop!" Rachel shouted but he kept going without looking back.

Seeing what happened, the cycling team stopped and apologized to Rachel before they went on with their ride.

Standing rooted to the same spot, Rachel looked at the direction the man went and wondered why he left so hurriedly after he saved her. She even had no time to ask his name.

In a lane not far away, the man bent over with both hands on his chest. He started to feel the pain from the heavy impact with the bicycle just now. It really hurt but he tried his best not to cry out. He just clutched the aching part and grimaced in pain.

He pulled his mask up and stumbled ahead although he couldn't stand straight.

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