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   Chapter 360 Redemption of Lydia

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Why? She suddenly started feeling that there was something wrong about him. All the goodness that he was showing was a farce. He was only pretending to be nice. Something that she had just known only got started.

Hiram's deep and aloof eyes were focusing on the scene ahead. The smoky surface of the water was covered by mist and that surely was attracting him.

"I promise that this will be the last chance."

He had already made a decision in his mind that this was going to be the last chance. He had been forgiving Lydia again and again. If she ever dared to do anything again like this time, he would definitely not forgive her.

And this time he was sure that he would certainly do that!

"Honey, I'm so sorry. This's is going to be the last time she would do anything to harm you. I promise." Hiram moved back his sight, looked sternly at Rachel and said.

"I used to think that I would not let Lydia hurt you anymore. However, she has again hurt you this time. Even though what Lydia has done is not directly aimed to hurt you, but what she did has put your mother into a tricky situation. For that, I would not excuse her, and I should take up my responsibility to protect you."

"You don't have to feel sorry, Hiram. In fact, now I also feel a sense of pity on her." Rachel sighed softly.

Lydia was an orphan. She had grown up with Hiram since her childhood. They had been together every day and night for a very long duration. Along with that, her love for him kept deepening day by day, in that case, it was too difficult for her to accept that Hiram no longer belonged to her.

Lydia was deeply in love with Hiram. She felt happy about that but the truth was that she knew her love could not be returned and that made here vengeful.

"What's the matter? Why are you looking in that direction? You are grown up now. Can't you leave your brother and live alone?" Wade with his one hand on the railing, gazed at Lydia and asked.

"Of course not. It's just that this's the first time that I am in the same boat with a male stranger which is making me kind of nervous." Lydia's beautiful eyes kept staring on the surface of the waves and replied.

Wade suddenly took her by one hand and made her sit next to him. "Sit down, don't you feel tired by standing for so long like this?" He said. "And by the way, you said you are with me in the boat. Do you mean that we're now 'in the same boat'?" He asked.

Lydia did not reply.

Silently she kept staring at the water. And then she moved a little away from him because she felt a little uncomfortable.

"To be honest, when I first saw you, I could tell that you are

sked "Where have you been today? You sound so tired, are you just... just finishing the exercise?"

Hearing her indecent comment, Rachel blew the bubbles in her hands, laughed and said,"what have you been thinking? We went to East Suburb Street and have just come back."

"Very good. So, does that mean that you have reconciled with Hiram? That's right. Life is too short. It is better to be happy and cheerful. Don't take the petty quarrels so seriously." Celine said.

Rachel wiped her body with a towel. This was the truth. Hiram did not lose his temper easily, but once he got angry, it was extremely difficult for him to let go.

"By the way, Rachel, I have heard today that the champion company is doing better than us. It is said that their design will be handed over next week!"

"Really? So quick?" Rachel said. Saying that Rachel quickly got up from the bathtub. "But I'm coming out soon. I'll hurry up and I expect to come out next week."

"Okay. Since we have a bet with them, we can't afford to lose it. Just do your best Rachel." Celine said in an encouraging tone to Rachel.

Finishing her bath, Rachel came out of the bathroom. She wanted to go to bed early tonight so that she could go to the company early morning tomorrow. However, when she came out, she could not see Hiram around.

She then went to his study to check, but there was nobody there as well. She wondered where could he be now?

Just when she was thinking, her phone rang. It was a call from Hiram. "Why are you not coming up yet?" He asked.

"Coming up to where?" Rachel asked. She was kind of confused by the question he was asking.

"I'm waiting for you in the library. Hurry come up and find me." Hiram hung up the phone as soon as he finished his words.

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