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   Chapter 359 The Last Chance

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Rachel got back to her senses as she rubbed the cheek that was pinched by the handsome man beside her. She felt a little bit pain. "No, I just thought you looked better in a shirt..." Rachel trailed off.

She loved shirts. No, to be exact, she didn't love shirts until she met her husband. He looked very attractive and powerful every time he wore a shirt. It also made him look more charming.

"Really? Okay then. I'll wear only shirts in front of you from now on." Hiram said without thinking. It wouldn't be a problem to him because he had tons of shirts.

"It won't be necessary. You can wear whatever you like. You look charming to me, whatever you wear!"

"Really? How about when I wear nothing?" Hiram teased.

"For sure... I like it the most!" Rachel teased back. Unlike most women, she didn't have any inhibitions about provocative talk at all.

They had been married for four years and she had improved in this aspect. Most women would turn red and get embarrassed when talking dirty or making sexy jokes, not to mention in public.

Just as the sound of Rachel's voice died away, Chad who was driving let out a fierce cough. He immediately pretended not to hear Rachel's reply and continued driving. 'Obviously, Rachel has been influenced by her husband. She acted so naturally when she made dirty jokes.'

Hiram sat closer to his wife, a warm smile appearing on the corner of his lips. He said to her ear in a soft voice,"Good. Later, I won't turn the lights off. You can check everything, inch by inch..."

Rachel winked at her husband with a smile. "Okay." She took a glance at Chad who was already flushed tomato red, then said to Hiram with a low voice,"How about we do it in another place tonight?"

Since her husband had started it, why not continue? In this fun and sexy game they were playing, she'd like to know who the winner would be.

"So, where do you want to do it in?" As Hiram looked at his wife, he ran his hand down her soft and silky long hair. Seeing the smile on her face, he just realized that he hadn't had such an easy conversation with his wife in ages.

And he knew that it was one of the things he cared for the most. He only wanted his wife to be happy and feel easy with him. It was the most important thing.

"How about... the reading room upstairs?" She suggested. There was a couch in the reading room with a piano by the window. Just imagine that. With windows wide open, they would be sitting in the couch, enjoying the moonlight. He could play the piano as she read some poems. How romantic i

to those dates.

He didn't have a better idea so he asked Lydia out first before he called Wade to come.

Lydia had an obsession partly because she refused to get close to any man. She didn't give any other man any opportunity. This explained why she was still single.

But if she could feel the true love of a man, and realize what she had been missing, she might change her mind. Anyway, it was worth a shot.

Since her husband didn't say a word, Rachel slightly sighed and said,"After all, you still cherish your sister even though she is a foster daughter of the Rong family. You indeed have cudgeled your brains."

Although Lydia did terrible things time and time again, Hiram chose to forgive her every time.

"You're right. But this is the last chance for her. Since she was lucky enough to be a foster daughter of our family. In this life, even if she made mistakes, I still will give her a chance. If she could stop making the same mistakes and let go of the past, I will let her go to any country as long as she won't stay in this country and live the rest of her life in peace."

"Really? What if she doesn't agree?"

Rachel asked, staring at her husband.

She knew that Gavin had no brothers. He only had a sister who had passed away. Now his adopted Lydia always made trouble. Although Rachel felt uncomfortable, she still could understand Hiram's painstaking efforts.

Hiram closed his eyes slowly and said in a deep voice. Hiram's words were as low as a bell, but his voice was clear and it knocked on each person's heart.

"Since the Rong family could give her a life, it can take her life back too."

Rachel suddenly freaked out. "Hiram, what are you going to do?"

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