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   Chapter 356 Gavin Passed Out

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"What did you say? Jonny and Joyce are my grandchildren! You can't take them away from me."

Gavin's eyes flew open. Outraged, he continued yelling at Rachel,"Rachel, let me be straight with you. You can leave, and I'll return your mother to you. However, you can't take my grandchildren with you!"

"Can't I? Dad, you are right. Jonny and Joyce are your grandchildren, but they're also my children and my mother's grandchildren. You showed no mercy to my mom and me. Why should I pity you?"

Rachel got to her feet. She refused to kneel before Gavin any longer.

"Rachel! You……"

Rachel's defiance angered Gavin. He became short of breath, and his heart began racing. A moment later, he fainted and fell on the sofa.

At the hospital, Joanna and Lydia waited at the door of the emergency room. They had rushed to the hospital with Gavin. Once Hiram had been informed of his father's health, he also hurried to the hospital from the company.

Rachel stared at the floor in a daze as she waited on the bench outside the emergency room.

What Gavin cared about the most at his age were his grandchildren. He had been distraught when he heard that Rachel was going to take the two children away from him. The exertion hadn't been good for his heart. With his body under such stress, he passed out.

When Hiram arrived at the hospital, he spared Rachel a glance who was silent before walking toward his mother,"Mom, how's dad?"

"Hiram, you're finally here. Your dad is receiving emergency treatment now. I don't know what is happening in the emergency room. No one has come out to tell us." Joanna held Hiram's hand and said anxiously.

"Hiram, could you tell Rachel not to see Dad? Dad is old now. I don't know what Rachel said to anger him so much, but now that he's in this condition, he cannot afford any more stress." Lydia shot Rachel a cold look as she spoke to Hiram in a low voice.

Joanna sighed and said,"Hiram, I know that at this time, Rachel is racked with guilt. But you know your father's temper. I don't know what else we can do to keep him from getting angry again."

Hiram patted Joanna on her hand and said in a gentle voice,"Mom, don't worry. Dad will be fine."

After comforting his mother and sister, Hiram walked toward Rachel.

"Come with me." He held Rachel's hand and walked to the other end of the corridor.

Rachel followed him expressionlessly. She knew that he would blame her for what had happened. But what other choice

dinner with Lydia. You can apparently live a happy life without me."

Rachel said before chewing on her lower lip. Her eyes welled up with tears as she voiced the pain she was feeling.

Hearing what Rachel said, Hiram raised his eyebrows slightly. He was sure that Rachel had seen him having dinner with Lydia yesterday.

"Are you jealous?"

Hiram said with a sly smile as he raised his hand to wipe the tears from the corners of her eyes. With a concerned expression Hiram explained,"Flora is just my friend. Nothing happened between us. Lydia is my sister. You are overthinking everything. Honey, sometimes I find that I need a little space and time to think. However, I swear to you that I wouldn't do anything that would make you question my love for you.

Don't cry. You have cried so much these past few days." Hiram said with a sigh. He never wanted to see Rachel crying. But he found that things had not gone as planned and that Rachel was heartbroken.

So many things were out of his control, and he had hurt her.

"Carl, I don't want to go home. Drop me at a bar!" Rachel suddenly wiped away the tears and said to Carl who was driving.

She didn't want the children to see her so upset. She was also afraid that she would break into tears when she got home. It was best if Rachel went somewhere else first to calm down and release the negative feelings that were overwhelming her.

Only when she felt better would she go home to the children.

Carl looked at Hiram, not knowing what to do.

"Do as she said." Hiram instructed. He gazed at Rachel tenderly. Now that she wanted to go to a bar, he decided to go with her.

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