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   Chapter 355 Looking For Evidence

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"Anybody home?" Rachel called out as she knocked on the old door adorned with paintings of door-gods.

As no one came out to answer the door for a while, she knocked again and called out more loudly,"Hellooo!... Is anybody home?"

Carl also got out of the car and helped Rachel, now shouting,"Anybody out there?"

"I don't think there's anybody living here now, Rachel," Carl said. He tried to push the door and to their surprise, it opened.

Rachel noticed the spider webs on the frame making it clear that this house hadn't been occupied for quite a while. But why did Grandpa Richard tell her that he was living here now?

She stepped inside and saw that there were pots and pans in the kitchen. In the bedroom, the covers and mattress were jumbled on the bed. But nobody was inside.

"Rachel, I think he moved away. Maybe the villagers, including Grandpa Richard, just didn't notice it!" Carl speculated.

Rachel thought for a moment and said,"I suppose so. Maybe he didn't want people to know and left quietly.

And I think it's not that long ago. Look at the spider webs, they're not that old. Also, there's only a thin layer of dust on the table. He probably just moved out, maybe just a few days ago." She concluded and couldn't help heaving a sigh.

Rachel usually came here and stayed a few days with Fannie from time to time. That was how she could guess that Dave had transferred somewhere else.

That made her think that maybe he heard some news and deliberately wanted to avoid seeing her.

"Rachel, I found a phone here on the table!" Carl shouted from across the room as he took it in his hands and pressed it. Seeing its screen turn on, he said,"We learned before that this man had nothing, but don't you think it's weird that he left a functioning phone behind? One that can make outgoing calls?"

Rachel took the phone from Carl and found that there was no SIM card inside.

She agreed with Carl. Dave must have gotten a new phone, otherwise he wouldn't leave this one just sitting on the table. It only made sense that he may have gotten a better one.

"Let's take this with us and see if we can find something useful from it." Rachel said with a sigh,"it seems that we have come here all the way for nothing. He knew we would come for him so he left."

Carl put the phone in a bag and said,"Yes, but where do you think he might go, Rachel?

He's alone and is in his 50s. I have no idea where he could go. Look at this place, I bet he didn't have the money to afford a better place to live in. Besides, if he had left several days ago, he would need money for food and lodging."

He looked around carefully and the onl

Gavin took a deep breath to calm down, and then continued,"What was your mother thinking?" Did she ever think about what would happen to us?

For the past four years, I tried to let it go, and I pretended that there was nothing wrong. I tried to persuade myself to move on, but it was just impossible. It was too painful. I can't make myself see you and your mom in front of me. Every single time, it reminds me of what happened in the past and to my younger sister.

Rachel, I hate myself for putting your mother, the grandmother of my grandchildren, in prison! But I have no other choice. I'd rather do that than live in misery and torture myself inside day and night. I can live in peace as long as long your mom paid for what she did."

Seeing the determination on his face, Rachel's eyes turned red and asked,"Dad, do you mean that there is no chance that you would set my mother free? And you'll think of the past as long as you lay your eyes on me? In that case, you want me to leave this house for good?"

Gavin said in a low voice without opening his eyes,"Unfortunately, that is correct. I can let your mom go, and I can negate all the evidences pointing to her.

But on one condition that you and your mother leave, and never show up in H City. Never associate with this family and forever leave my son!"

He wasn't planning to have Fannie killed, but he could only live in peace as long as they never showed up in front of him. For him, this was the way to help him get over the misery of losing his sister.

Wiping off the tears on her cheeks, Rachel put a faint smile on her face and asked,"Dad, look, I can leave if I'm alone, but how about my children, Jonny and Joyce? I will have to take them with me if I leave. Have you even thought of that?"

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