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   Chapter 354 Rachel, How Dare You Curse Me

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It was through Chason's phone call that Hiram found about Rachel's visit to the castle that day.

Rachel was lying on the bed while staring at the man before her. Her body felt heavy and her eyes were blurry due to what she drunk. 'What is he talking about? Geez! Why can't I understand a thing?'

She wanted to ask but then she was just too sleepy to even move.

"Do you want to sleep? How could you even want that after cursing me? Why don't you tell me how you want to be punished instead, huh? Hiram said as he forced her to stay awake by pinching her chin.

As a reaction, Rachel sluggishly pushed Hiram away and thought, 'So sleepy. Why do you have to wake me up? So pesky!'

"Fuck off! I want to sleep. Go away!"

Hiram's eyebrows automatically knotted as his hand lifted by itself and spanked her beautiful butt. "What did you say? Say that again!"

The woman whimpered in pain. She sat up and pointed at Hiram's nose accusingly.

"You deserve it! I'm so tired but you are waking me up on purpose. You're a bad guy!" she said as she kneaded her stinging ass.

It was the alcohol that was making Rachel do such things. Seconds more after and she was already dissatisfied with just massaging her butt. She slid from the bed and wobbly stood behind Hiram.

Confused, Hiram looked at the woman while wondering what she was going to do next after sliding such a long way.

It was too late for him to realize what was about to happen when the little woman raised her hand high and unceremoniously spanked him with everything she got.

"You spanked me first! Now, that's just me returning the favor!"

Sarcasm was dripping from Rachel's tone when she talked. She was so offended that she didn't feel happy until she spanked him three times more. It was only then that she exhaustedly sat on the floor while rubbing her numb palms.

Hiram threw an odd look at Rachel but then was caught off guard upon seeing how serious she was. She was pouting like a child while giving him dagger stares and it was the cutest thing in the world! He ended up laughing out loud as he pulled her up from the floor. "Okay, you got even. We're quits. Are you happy now?"

"Just a little," she answered in a tiny voice while stroking her rosy cheeks. She was still pouting when she crawled back to the bed and turned to the man who remained to look at her with amusement. "What do you want to do? Why are you looking at me like that?"

He just glanced at her then wordlessly covered her with the quilt. Then he walked to close the window and drew the curtains. It was only after making sure that the room was already private enough that he crawled next to her on the bed.

'Why? What do I want to do? Well, you are my wife. I suppose you know what are the things t

r he still lives there after so many years. I'm going to ask an elder on the roadside," Rachel said. It was just lately that she found out that she had a grandfather among these elders.

Carefully, Carl parked the car. Rachel got out and walked towards a group of elders. There were three who were chatting and enjoying the sun out of their house. She gave one of them a sweet smile and asked,"Grandpa Richard, I'm Rachel. Do you remember me?"

The old man squinted his eyes as if inspecting her and then nodded with a grin. "Rachel, is that you?"

'"Yes! I miss our village and just came back to visit. By the way, I want to ask you something. Do you remember the man who lived near the mountain? His name is Dave Ruan. Do you know if he still lives there?"

"Oh! I know him! He is an old bachelor and his house is his only property. He must still be there since he has nowhere to go," Grandpa Richard answered without even thinking.

A relief sigh escaped from Rachel's chest. "It will be very easy to find him as long as he is still here in the XH Village.'

"Well, thank you!" Rachel said as she ran back to the car. She took a box of milk from the car's dashboard and ran back to hand it to the old man. "Grandpa, I have something to deal with. I might not be able to see Grandma today. Anyway, Here's my gift for both of you!"

"Rachel, you don't need to prepare any gift at all," her grandfather said awkwardly but it was too late. Rachel was already back in the car while waiving at him.

It just took about ten minutes of driving when Rachel tapped the dashboard and said,"Carl, stop the car! We're here." She had been here before and she could remember the house Dave lived in.

She got out of the car and walked towards the adobe house. This was the moment. She was more than ready to face him and knock on the door.

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