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   Chapter 352 The Game

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"What did you just say? I dare you to say that again!" Rachel turned to that woman who was about to leave, after she loosened her grip on Celina's hand.

The woman in a formal dress put the pencil in her pocket, raised her chin and turned to Rachel saying,"I said that you were rude. Do you have any problems with that?"

"Oh damn! Who does she think she is? I find it hard to believe that she comes from the Top 1 company. What a cocky, arrogant, and bossy little bitch?! Look at her, her tail has already been sticking high up in the air! She really ticks me off! I'm gonna give her what she deserves!" Rolling up her sleeves, Celine angrily walked to the woman as soon as she heard the woman's response.

"Though people always say that two of a trade is a rivalry. But how polite of the girl we met just now! Look at this woman, I have never seen such an arrogant woman before! Why are they so different?" Celine continued her tirade, her face red with fury.

With that, several designers who came along with the woman gathered and stood behind her, glaring at Rachel and Celine. They wanted to show their strength in numbers.

Celine paused and stepped back seeing that they were outnumbered.

However, Rachel took a step towards them and suggested,"I have an idea. Why don't we settle this professionally with a game? If we win the bidding, your company must make?a public statement and apologize to us, and you must make sure that it is well disseminated throughout the whole industry."

The woman in the professional attire sneered, crossing her arms.

"And if you lose this game?" returned the woman with a disdainful look on her face.

The woman believed that Rachel calling out the challenge was just like an egg trying to crush a stone. Coming from the Top 1 design company in all of H City, it would be disgraced if they lost out to these two women. Two new comers from a small and unknown company. Just the thought of even engaging with them was a disgrace enough.

"That is easy. If we don't win the bidding, we will publicly admit that we are malignant shrews. Does that sound good enough for you?" replied Rachel, raising her eyebrows and looking at the arrogant woman in the eye.

"Fair enough. It's a deal then." responded the woman in the formal dress. Then she turned around and left, her nose high up in the air.

As they left, Celine straightened her clothes and said,"Oh my, do you think we just gambled a little too much?"

'If we lose the game, we must publicly admit that we are shrews. And it's possible that we might wear a sign around our necks. The humiliation would be too much to take.' thought Celine.

"So we can't lose the game! Alright, we should get down to business now," uttered Rachel

eat!" Rachel apologized then she smiled to Carl and got in the car.

"Good idea!" Carl also got in the car with a smile on his face and said to Rachel who was sitting next to him,"I know a new restaurant which has become really popular. Do you want to check it out?"

"Alright, it sounds good. Let's go now," replied Rachel without thinking.

In front of the restaurant, Rachel got out of the car, quickly noticing the Maybach which was parked next to her car. She was so happy to know that Hiram was eating there too. A bright and excited smile appeared on her face as she went inside.

Rachel knew that he would come back today, but she thought that she would only be seeing him later that night.

The thought of seeing Hiram now made her heart race.

When Rachel entered the restaurant, she didn't immediately take a seat. Instead, she walked around to see where Hiram was as she wanted to see him as soon as possible.

Rachel walked around there but didn't find Hiram at all and she felt disappointed. She then caught sight of a man and a woman in a romantic private room.

"Brother, it has been so long since we ate out together. I didn't expect that you would still remember what I liked." said Lydia cheerfully.

Hiram took a fork and start eating his meal elegantly. "You are my sister. How can I forget your favorite food? I have also ordered tiramisu for you. I know it's your favorite dessert. You can have it after this."

"Okay, thank you, Brother." Lydia bit her red lip. Her beautiful face looked truly radiant.

"Help yourself," said Hiram slightly as he looked up at his younger sibling.

Outside of the private room, Rachel stood still near the door like she had been glued to the floor. Her happiness disappeared quickly and was replaced by disappointment, grief and anger in her heart.

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