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   Chapter 351 The Mysterious Castle Owner

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"Hello, everyone! I'm Chason, the housekeeper of this castle, and I'm in charge of the public bidding. The owner built this castle and would love to send it to his wife as a sign of his love and devotion. Unfortunately, he's too shy to show his affection to her in public. Hence, we hope that your design can focus on two points: revealing his love to his wife, while, at the same time, demonstrating it in a gentle and subtle way!"

Chason said in a solemn tone in front of all the bidders, as he was standing proudly on the stairs.

"I've read all of the information you gave to me! Also, as you can see, here we`ve got hundreds of hectares, as well as two other yards. Saying this, my mission to introduce you to the project is complete. Now, the ball is in your court! Take some time to look around and get acquainted with the place! I hope all of you can give your best to display everything you are capable of!"

While listening attentively, Rachel was taking notes quickly. What he just explained about the design indention was very important and she needed to write it down, in case she might forget it.

"Hello there! I've got a question. Could I, please, find out what`s the age of the owner's wife? And do they have any children?" Rachel raised her hand and asked. She believed it was important to get these answers before starting to work on her design project.

If they had kids, for sure, she was going to add to the planning some amenities and spaces, suitable for the youngsters.

Considering the unconventional and emotional way in which Rachel was approaching this work project, Chason paused for a moment, pleasantly surprised. Then he coughed before replying,"Good question, ma'am! They have two kids and his wife is about your age."

"Okay, I'll write it down! Thank you!" she said, as she scratched enthusiastically in her notebook. The other designers also had their questions to ask. Through the whole time, she had listened carefully and respectfully.

After the short meeting, each group was sent to a sightseeing bus. All participants got some free time to look around by themselves.

The bus driver was Carl and he was taking Rachel and Celine here and there. Although they gave Rachel a topographic drawing before she started her tour, she drew another one herself in her own way.

"Aren't you curious who the owner is, Rachel? He built a castle and will send it to his wife as a symbol of his love! How awesome this man truly is!" Celine exclaimed, happy like a little girl. Lost in admiration for the owner`s wife, Celine didn't even look around, 'Which was this lucky woman who possessed a castle like this one? She must be a real princess.'

However, regardless of the huge interest, the owner kept being wrapped in a mysterious cloud and didn't even show up in person at the event. No one knew his true identity.

"Oooh, stop talking nonsense! Since he's filthy rich, most probably he is just

ry. People are free to walk around, whether you like it or not! How could you scream at us like that? Have you gotten the bid already?" Celine`s blood started boiling, while she observed how that person was shouting to her friend. Then, with bold steps like an Amazonian, she approached Rachel and pulled her aside by the arm.

The woman in black suit continued talking arrogantly,"True, we haven't gotten it yet, but I'm confident that we're way better than you. I saw your introduction, but sadly for you, didn't notice any masterpiece of yours. How can you imagine you have a slight chance of winning the bid, as a small company that has just entered into this industry? That sounds ridiculous to me! Before getting out of the door, you would better take long hard look at yourself to think whether you're qualified for the big scene!"

"How dare you! Who are you to talk to us like that?" Celine was pissed off and couldn't control her tone any longer. She wasn't able to put up with that awful pompous woman even a second longer, so she continued,"Before you opened your mouth you looked like a decent lady, but, unfortunately, I didn't hear you talk as such! I believe that all the companies here have started their businesses from scratch and haven't just appeared like the strongest competitors from the very beginning. So stop acting so snobbish!"

Dragging Celine away from that spot, Rachel said,"Okay, let's go! Don't waste your energy, arguing with people like her."

As she was turning around, Celine gave one last disapproving look at the woman.

"What a pompous bad-tempered woman! It's a pity to have you here!" The aggressive female husked hostilely behind their backs.

At first, Rachel had thought that it was useless to argue with someone like her, and that's why she made an effort to take Celine away from the "epicenter" of the scandal. However, she stopped abruptly as soon as she heard the last "venom" comment of the woman.

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