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   Chapter 350 Not Easy After Marrying Into Rich Families

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Inside Streams Building.

Chad went to Hiram, who just finished his morning meeting. He then whispered something to him.

Hiram knotted his brows and handed the documents to Ben, before walking to his office with Chad.

"You said that Charlie came to Tulip Palace to visit Rachel just now, right?" Hiram asked Chad.

"That's right, Hiram. We just saw him talking with Rachel in the courtyard, but had no idea why, nor what they were talking about. We were standing too far away from them," Chad said quickly.

Glancing at him, Hiram took the phone off his desk and dialed a number. Once the woman on the other end picked up, he said,"Tracy, it's me. Did we receive a visitor this morning?

Okay, I got it."

After hanging up the phone, Hiram's eyes looked dim. Charlie asked Rachel whether they could talk outside because he clearly didn't want anyone else to hear what they were talking about.

Charlie underestimated Hiram. He didn't know that Hiram had tricks up his sleeve.

"Hiram, I still can't believe that you can monitor your entire home from this computer!" Chad shouted out with surprise. He watched Hiram open his computer, and couldn't believe his eyes when he saw everything that was displayed on it.

Unexpectedly, Hiram cast a glance at him and said carelessly,"Don't make a fuss of it, Chad! It is nothing compared to the advanced technologies that are developed today."

Chad nodded and responded quickly,"Yes, of course. You're right!"

Hiram forwarded the video recording to the courtyard and played the part where Charlie was talking to Rachel. He then moved aside and pulled another chair closer for Chad to sit on,"You've told me before that you've learned how to read lips. Please, sit down and figure out what they were talking about," he said.

Chad took a seat and analyzed the footage carefully to interpret what Charlie was saying to Rachel.

Ten minutes later.

"Hiram, Charlie said that if Rachel wanted to get her mother released from prison, she must first divorce you, so she could take her mother away and never return. Or, she could choose to renounce her mother and continue with her normal life," Chad said briefly.

He just gave Hiram a brief interpretation of what he heard.

Hiram snorted and slammed the computer. He was furious.

"He gave her two options? He knew that Rachel would only give him one answer!" he said coldly.

Charlie was forcing Rachel to leave Hiram.

It didn't matter what the circumstances were, Rachel would never leave Fannie alone, nor turn a deaf ear to her own mother!

Hiram was wondering whether this meeting was Gavin's idea. He imagined that Charlie was instructed to do so.

"Mr. Rong, the yearly inspection on all departments is scheduled for this afternoon. Can we still continue as planned, or should I reschedule it?" Ben came in and asked.

Hiram contained himself and responded to

ase get off here and walk inside. Only the property owners' cars are allowed inside!" the security said after checking her invitation.

"No problem! Let's get off here, Celine. Please join us inside after you park the car, Carl!" Rachel said as she opened the door to get out of the car.

"Okay, Rachel! You two go ahead and I'll catch up!" Carl replied with a mysterious smile as he noticed the sign on the wall outside.

When Rachel and Celine reached the house, they saw that four or five groups of people have arrived.

As Rachel expected, they weren't the only design team that the employer invited.

It seemed like the other groups were quite professional.

"Look at them, Rachel! Do you see that group over there? They were the champions in the garden designing contest of H City this year. We don't stand a chance! I think we're done here." Celine whispered to Rachel and had an urge to withdraw the moment she saw their competitor.

Rachel laughed and responded to her,"Oh, stop it now, Celine! Showing up here has been a great achievement for us to begin with. We're just starting out, and it'll be fine if we lose. Sometimes, gaining an experience, is more important than actually winning!

Look at the castle! The big building in front of us has been completed and well decorated. All that's left, is the garden, and I personally don't think it's difficult to design and construct it at all. Take it easy! We'll wait and see what happens."

As she spoke to Celine, she took a few steps forward.

The building in front of them was big enough to bear the name of a castle. The architecture of the big building in front of them was unique. Rachel was quite curious as to what it looked like inside. She was looking forward to taking a tour of the castle.

"Okay, I believe that all the designers have arrived. Everybody please come forward and I'll briefly introduce the ideas requested by the employer!"

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