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   Chapter 349 Gavin's Differing Conditions

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Hiram pensively looked at the dates she searched. He saw that the latest search was made two days ago. Truly annoyed, he turned off her phone and put it on the nightstand beside him.

The other day, he learned from his men that Rachel had visited the explosion site.

Hiram was convinced that she wasn't over Patrick's death yet.

Or, she wished that Patrick had survived the explosion.

He couldn't bear the thought anymore. He couldn't bear the fact that his wife was thinking of another man from time to time, even if he had already dead.

Hiram got up right away and grabbed her phone. In a hurry, he headed to the other bedroom. He pushed the door lightly until it opened. Rachel didn't lock it. It was pitch-dark inside.

With the light from the corridor, he saw her lying on her stomach on the bed. It seemed that she had fallen asleep already.

Hiram cautiously walked closer to the bed and without creating any sound, put Rachel's phone on the bedside table. Then, he sat down on the other side of her bed. Instead of leaving, he gazed at Rachel, whose breathing became heavy and more rhythmical.

In her dream, Rachel felt something itchy was running gently down her cheek. Then, like a person afflicted with parasomnia, she reached out her hand, grabbed it and placed it on her chest. Then, she went back to her dream.

It was always true that some people were born to like sleeping with something under or over them, like their pillow or their partner's leg or waist.

Unfortunately, Rachel happened to be one of them.

Hiram raised his eyebrows and tried to take out his hand off her chest. Before he could take his hand back, he accidentally touched one of her sleekly full breasts, which made him hold his breath.

He released his breath with a gulp and noticed that a certain part of him grew bigger. His eyes widened at the enticing sight of Rachel. All of a sudden, he snatched the covers off her and satisfied his strong sexual urge.

The next morning came as usual. The bright sunshine kissed Rachel's cheeks and awakened her.

Rachel stretched herself on the bed. She pulled the cover over her head to avoid the glaring morning sunlight. Rubbing her cheeks with both hands, she felt shameful that she had a vivid dream of having sex last night, and it was intense.

For a moment, she thought that she really had sex since Hiram was back last night. But then, she was firmly convinced that all she had was a dream because of the empty space by her side.

After she got up, Rachel decided to prepare the breakfast for the twins. But, from

ther. Why would you call it a condition? It's a definite blackmail!"

"Take it easy, madam! If you're reluctant to give up all you have now, there is another offer. You have to renounce your mother. That is to say, you must promise that you'll never lend a hand on her. Then, you can still be Mr. Hiram's wife, and it won't change,"

Charlie continued to talk.

Rachel retorted with a smile on her face,"What will happen if I say no to both of your offers?"

"Madam, do not give me your answer right away. We still have time before the lawsuit is formalized. Please take your time and think it over. It won't be late then," Charlie said slowly.

"No, I don't need time to think! And, I'll never agree! Charlie, please extend that decision to Gavin. My mother's my family and I'll never leave her alone. And my kids too. I'll never give up on them, not even one of them!"

Rachel said with a firm voice and without a second thought.

It was impossible for her to renounce Fannie and turn a deaf ear on her.

It was also impossible for her to leave Hiram and the twins.

"If this is your answer, Madam, I'm afraid that you will have to watch your mother being thrown into prison. Please excuse me but I won't be able to stay any longer!" Charlie said. Then, he nodded to Rachel before he turned around and walked to his car which was parked in front of the house.

Watching Charlie's car drove away, Rachel felt a pain in her heart as if, it was pierced by a sharp needle. She was so hurt that she couldn't catch her breath.

She raised her head to look at the sky to hold back her tears.

She convinced herself, 'Don't cry, Rachel! Don't you ever cry. You must keep your head up high at this time!'

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