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   Chapter 347 How Could He Do That Without Any Sympathy

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Hearing this, Rachel could feel her knees trembling and the sky above her head spinning. She gathered herself and thought about the conversation she had with her mom. She was sure that there was some kind of a discord somewhere. She fell into a deep thought for a moment. Then she said to Hiram, ''Hiram, can we verify this again, but do this on our own? My mom told me that Landy never had a child. And I have a strong belief that she will not lie to me. I am afraid all these stuffs and that kid could be made up by someone. Besides, the DNA report could even be fake!''

''Rachel, calm down, please. Now they have placed all the necessary evidences. Even if we want to prove them wrong, we need time to collect our evidences to prove our point.'' Hiram spoke furrowing his eyebrows into a deep thought.

The thought of waiting made Rachel impatient. She grabbed Hiram's clothes in desperation and said, ''Yeah, but I know my mom is innocent. And how could I just stand here and see her suffer without any fault? Can we at least talk to Gavin when we go back? Let's go find that witness. I want an explanation from him on why he is doing such a thing to my mom!''

''Rachel, calm down. I can understand your feelings now. But have you ever thought about the consequence of this? Gavin is Hiram's father. There are many things to be considered while dealing with this issue. One mistake from our side and things will get even worse. And if the social media comes to know about this, the Rong family's reputation will be at stake. And what's even worse, it might affect the Streams Company's business.''

Chad said trying to sound reasonable.

Hiram casted a disapproving glance at Chad and motioned him to keep quiet.

Rachel remained quiet as Chad spoke. Then she took a deep breath and pushed Hiram away. Her eyes mellowed down as she spoke, ''Oh, is that so? So, for all these years, I have ended up being an outsider for your family. I need to take the Rong family into consideration. I need to be careful of your family's feelings. But what have I got after all these years? Has Gavin ever cared about his daughter-in-law's feelings even for once?''

Rachel turned her face away from Hiram, grabbed the car handle and said, ''Hiram, if you find this to be embarrassing for yourself and your family, you are free to stay out of this. I will not force you. I can take care of my own business myself. I don't need your help.''

Rachel opened the door of the car and was ready to step out. However, Hiram grabbed her arms and turned her towards him. ''What do you mean by your own business? I promise you that I'll never let anyone to hurt you.

And, Chad. Rachel is my wife. If I do not support her during this difficult time, she'll be all alone and devastated."

How could Hiram do this without considering about how Rachel would feel?

Chad didn't know what to say. He was worried about how this would impact the father and son relationship between Hiram and Gavin. Now it turned out that Hiram had already anticipated it and he was determined to defend Fannie and Rachel, even if it meant that he might have to fight against his own family.

Rachel lifted her head slowly. She looked at Hira

e? Mommy, is it because we stayed in Joanna's house for a few days? And Fannie got tired of waiting for us, so she decided to go back home?" Jonny's black eyes blinked. He stretched out his hands and grabbed Rachel's hand.

"No, no, no. Grandma just misses her hometown so much. She'll be back here in a few days." Rachel lowered her head and wiped off her tears. She looked at the innocent faces of Joyce and Jonny and smiled.

Joyce being a sensitive little girl could feel that Rachel is upset. She walked towards Rachel and grabbed her other hand. "Don't be upset, mommy. Brother and I will be here with you. Besides, we can go to grandma's hometown to visit her if you want to!"

Rachel nodded her head, smiling. She squatted on the floor and pulled them close to her and said,"Mommy is not upset! Are you guys hungry? Mommy will cook for you tonight. Aunt and Grannie Emma will come here tomorrow!"

Then she stood up and said to them,"Stay in the living room. Don't go to anywhere. Mommy will cook for you, okay?"

"Okay, mommy. We've grown up. We can take care of ourselves!" Jonny said like an adult. He grabbed his sister's hand and took out the toys from the closet. They started playing on the carpet in the living room.

Rachel breathed a sigh of relief. She was grateful that she had two cute kids. Otherwise, she would go crazy.

Watching the kids getting busy with the toys, Rachel turned around and walked to the kitchen to prepare for the dinner.

At the dinner table, the chirpy kids made the moment light and cheerful with their innocent chatters. For a while, Rachel's mind got diverted with a breath of fresh air. Both the kids were playful and pulling each other's legs even at the dinner table. They held a bowl each in their hands and used chopsticks to eat the food.

Joyce dug her face too much into her bowl. Watching that Rachel said,"Slow down, Joyce. Your food all went to your nose."

"Haha, Joyce. Do you eat with your nose?" Jonny laughed heartily.

"Of course not! I use my nose to breathe."

Joyce spoke with a frown on her face. When they were enjoying their dinner, Hiram walked in.

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