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   Chapter 346 Evidence Against Fannie

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All she could see was that all the seats had already been occupied by leaders of all levels, and Hiram was sitting at the chair which directly faced the door.

Seeing Rachel enter the room, Hiram didn't bother to stand up but he lifted his hard eyes, saying coldly,"No matter what you have got, I'm only available to hear when this meeting is over."

"No, I'm afraid but I have to talk to you right now!" she insisted and plainly refused to wait any longer. She remembered that once he had asked her to wait until he was done with the meeting, but what happened after that? He thought of a variety of excuses and left her in a lurch and went away.

"I think we can finish it here," Seeing that Rachel was being so adamant Hiram said to his co-workers inside the room.

Within one second, everyone vacated the room and there were only Hiram and Rachel left inside the huge meeting room.

Still sitting on his chair right in front of the table, Hiram said to the woman who was standing at a door a minute back,"Go ahead, and tell me all that you want to say to me?"

Looking at him, Rachel felt that all the false pretenses she had put up were collapsing like a castle made of sand did when the waves kept rushing to it. It was so fragile itself and how could it stand against the waves? Her strength broke into thousand pieces the moment she saw his face.

Her tears were streaming down. All here defenses were destroyed and she ran up to him to hold him in her arms.

"Hiram, boohoo…… I miss you so much! I can't ……boohoo……" she continued weeping as her arms were wrapped around his neck. The tears just seemed to be flowing as if they would remove all the problems that had cropped between them.

Hiram narrowed his eyes and he took her hands off his neck, saying,"Why are you always crying? Are you wasting your tears for me, or better still are they for that man?"

Looking at his starry eyes, which never changed, Rachel sniffled and cried out loudly,"Please don't do this to me, honey! I never liked him or anyone else for that matter, and you know that very well! I would cry if it was him or anyone else that I know of! You know that I can't control my emotions!"

"Really? Is that so? But you know what I could see more than just sympathy for him. Your eyes were conveying a lot of things!" Hiram said as he put his hand on her chin and raised it, which was by now fully covered with her tears.

Blinking her eyes, Rachel couldn't help that her tears were welling up again in her eyes and she continued to weep bitterly,"Tell me, Hiram! Tell me what I should do! Tell me how I can regain your trust again!"

Humans are supposed to be emotional because they are not stones, are they?

Rachel admitted that she was carried away by Patrick when he had met her again and again.

me from?

Fannie nodded and replied,"Yes, honey! At that time I had seen Landy several times, and how was it possible that I would not notice that she was pregnant? I was wondering maybe I hurt someone when I was young, and now he is taking out his grudges by implicating me like this."

She was quite forthright at that time and always quarreled with others. Thus she had no idea if people could go to the extent of framing her just to take revenge.

"I see, mom! I'll look into this matter and find out what's going on. Are you fine here, is there anything that bothers you?" Rachel asked as her eyes turned red. She had been crying excessively

"Fine, I'm fine! Don't worry, honey! People here are respectful to me, and, they all know that I'm Hiram Rong's mother-in-law! No one dares to bully me! You know what I've gone through all those years! I can go through this too, honey! Relax!" Fannie replied briskly.

She was adamant and truly she didn't want to upset her daughter.

Rachel lowered her head quietly. Then she wiped off her tears and said confidently,"Mom, please take care of yourself, and I'll try my best to prove you're innocent! Trust me, everything would be good!"

She left the visitation a moment later. When she walked out of the police station, she saw that Chad's car was waiting for her.

Hiram put away the document he was reading after Rachel entered, and said,"I've gone through all the evidences just now. They are pointing towards Fannie. They found the baby buried under the mountain foot, and DNA detection has confirmed that it was Landy's baby. Besides, they've found some witnesses also, and I'm afraid that Fannie may have to stay here for some time."

He was telling the truth. Hiram didn't feel like comforting Rachel and he wanted her to face the reality. She should understand what could happen in the future.

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