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   Chapter 345 Tear Her Into Pieces!

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Rachel opened the door and found Lydia and Gavin.

She tried to speak, but her voice was dead as if someone had trampled on it and no words came out.

The next thing Rachel knew was, she had slapped Lydia.

"I knew that you were bad luck the moment you came back from abroad! I was kidnapped and my own mother is behind bars now! Are you a devil in angel's clothing, my dear sister-in-law?"

She sneered at Lydia and started to shake in anger.

If thoughts could kill, Rachel would have killed Lydia many times over.

"Why slap me, Rachel? It was your mother who committed the crime and it's only fair she pays for it! I don't see why you blame me for that!" Lydia said as she soothed her pain in her cheek.

Gavin stood up tall in front of Lydia and said,"Rachel, you can't lay all the blame on Lydia. Listen, I'll tell them to look into this again and find out what really happened. If your mother is innocent, I'll kneel down and apologize to her!"

The words had no impact on Rachel's ice-cold heart. She sneered at Gavin and said bitterly,"Dad, even if my parents weren't good with Landy at that time, I think things are even now since I've given birth to a son and a daughter! Blood is thicker than water! You know it better than me!

Why did you put her into jail? She's old now and I don't think she has a lot of time left to live. Why can't you just let us live our lives in peace? Why do you insist on doing that to her?"

Rachel had no idea what had happened during that time and even if her parents had been involved in Landy's death, she could not believe it. Maybe because Landy loved her father deeply and couldn't believe he had married someone else.

This was why she let her mother live in XH village by herself for the past four years. She thought that taking a step back would avoid a fight between her mother and Hiram's parents. Therefore, she tried her best to keep them from meeting each other and she endured all this because she believed the problem would go away on its own one day.

After all her efforts, they put her mother into jail finally, and Rachel was speechless on them.

"Stop talking to my dad like that, Rachel! Did Aunt Landy do anything wrong? She was young and at her best age. She got pregnant after meeting your father! What's more, your mother killed her baby out of jealousy! Did you ever put yourself in her shoes? Did you?

Your mother lived an easy life all those years and she has had enough! It was generous of us to leave her untouched till now. How could you ask my dad to let her go?" Lydia yell

l said as she opened the door to get in the car.

Seeing that Rachel was in a hurry, Carl didn't ask any more questions and stepped on the gas to speed up the car.

They arrived at Streams Building soon.

It was around ten when Rachel came to Hiram's office.

The secretary told her that Hiram had come back but was at a meeting at that moment.

Rachel took a breath of relief and a smile finally lit up her strained face.

'He's come back!

Finally he's back!' she told herself in relief.

She headed to the boardroom directly, ignoring Ben who tried to stop her.

"Rachel?" Chad stopped her at the door of the boardroom.

"Please wait a moment, Rachel! Hiram's at an important meeting now and it'll finish in 20 minutes!" Chad said.

Rachel shook her head and said anxiously,"I can't wait, Chad! I have to see him right now! It's urgent!"

She pushed off Chad's hand and reached out to the door.

But Chad managed to stand before the door and said,"Rachel, please wait 20 minutes! Even if heaven has fallen down, it will take 20 minutes! Please be considerate! Don't get me into trouble, please!"

Rachel was so anxious that tears were welling up in her eyes. Grabbing Chad's blazer, she asked,"Tell me the truth! Did Hiram tell you that he doesn't want to see me?"

It seemed that Hiram had made up his mind not to see her, regardless of how many times she tried to meet him.

This was all because she thought of another man in her heart. He thought of this as cheating. Thus he didn't want to see her anymore.


Chad was rendered speechless by her question. He looked away in hesitation.

Rachel seized this moment to open the door of the boardroom going around Chad.

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