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   Chapter 344 Under Arrest

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When Patrick's father passed by Rachel, he saw tears in her eyes. He looked into her eyes, her tears still falling, and couldn't help asking,"You... Are you my son's girlfriend?"

His son died in this accident, together with his men. They were good men, every single one of them loyal to their bones. They would have walked on burning coals for him. All of them were by his side, even now. He walked and searched, alone in this terrible scene.

When the woman whose tears mirrored his own caught his eye, he wasn't able to stop himself from asking her.

Rachel was taken aback for a moment at the question. She took a deep breath and slowly shook her head, looking at the ground. She lifted a hand to wipe the tears from the corner of her eyes, and said,"No. I just know him. But I saw you, and I couldn't hold back my tears. I'm sorry."

Patrick's father kept silent for a second and heaved a sigh, his aged shoulders lifting and sinking with the effort. Then he walked away with heavy steps, leaning into his cane.

Rachel remained for a while and stood still, gazing at the ruins and the debris. Soon, she turned around and left.

She came back to find her home empty. Silence hung like a thick curtain inside the villa. She wanted nothing more than to hear their voices at this moment. She wanted to see them.

A voice pulled her back from her pining. "Rachel, have the kids come back?" Fannie couldn't help asking. She felt restless without her grandkids. They filled every moment with joy and brightness.

"Not yet, Mom. Their grandmother wants them to spend a few more days with her. I will pick them up a few days later," she replied. She walked towards the sofa and sat down, tucking her legs up under her. She grabbed a packet of chips from the table. It was her children's favorite. She opened the bag and started eating.

Fannie let out a small sigh and shifted her questions. "I see. Well, where is Hiram? He hasn't come back home for a week. Is he very busy these days?"

Rachel was about to put a chip into her mouth when her mom asked about Hiram. She could feel a heaviness in her chest, and she had to pause for a moment before she could answer. "Yes. He has gone south to inspect one of their branches company. It will take a long time," she said, mechanically putting the chips into her mouth.

"Is that right?" One look at Rachel and Fannie knew something was wrong. She was sitting down with her back slouched, and all the light has left her eyes, as if she was defeated. Since she saw Hiram left home at that night, she knew something must have happened between them. "Did you have a fight? Tell me the truth, Rachel," she pressed.

Rachel kept on eating the chips, and fixed her eyes on the TV. "No. Like I said, Mom, he is just on a business trip. We're fine," she answered.

"Don't lie to me, Rachel. You're my daughter, and I know you. I'm not blind. He left without a word that night and then you said he was on a business trip. Do you think you can convince anyone with that?" she continued, not looking away from Rachel.

She was sure that they had quarreled, but about what, she had no idea.

Rachel was unable to fend her mother's questions any further. She put the packet back on the table and shifted position to face her, but was unable to meet her eyes. "It was nothing important. Don't worry, Mom. We'll be alright." she said.

Fannie looked at her daughter. Even she sounded unconvinced with her own answer. "After hearing you say that, I just feel more anxious." Fannie came closer to her daughter and poked her forehead with her finger, and then she shook her head and let out another sigh "Well, I shouldn't be meddling. You decide what you should do. I'll cook dinner now," Fannie said, getting up and leaving th

nto anything she knew. The murder happened more than twenty years ago, before she was even born.

Rachel thought hard. More than twenty years ago... She paused for a moment until a thought came to her, her head snapping up.

Meanwhile, in the Rong family's house…

"Lydia, you were too rash. You should have consulted me first before doing anything!"

Gavin was in the study, shouting. He pounded on the table and pointed a finger at Lydia, who was seated on a chair. "You! This is something that directly concerns our family. How can you submit the evidence to the police directly without informing me!" he fumed.

Lydia looked at his father, her face devoid of any emotion. He, on the other hand, was red with rage. She said calmly,"Dad, the evidence is irrefutable. After what she did to my aunt? I couldn't just wait while Fannie was free. I know you. You wouldn't have the heart to expose her. So I did it for you." She paused, turning her gaze away to the bookshelves before continuing.

"Think about it. Fannie killed my aunt's child with her own hands. Because of that, the poor woman fell into depression and finally jumped into the river to her death. The right thing to do is bring her to justice, don't you think?"

Gavin was furious. He closed his eyes and breathed deeply to control himself. "Rachel is my grandchildren's mother. Didn't you think about the consequences? What you did will make her end her relationship with us," he said, his voice rising again.

Lydia blinked her beautiful eyes. "Dad, if Fannie is a murderer, then Rachel is a murderer's daughter. Do you really want that kind of woman as your daughter-in-law?" she said innocently. "The only way to deal with this is to hand it over to the police. Otherwise, nothing would be solved. It's too complicated, given our situation. There's a thin line between hatred and love. It wouldn't be possible for us to look at this objectively."

She knew that Gavin wouldn't be able to bring himself to punish Fannie, so she took matters into her own hands.

This is the only way she could hurt Rachel. It wasn't fair that she was the only one left suffering in a corner, and here she was, living her blissful life with Hiram. 'My Hiram, ' she thought bitterly. With how things were now, there would definitely be a rift between her and Hiram. Then, it would be her chance to steal him away from her.

Sometimes people would only feel pain when their wounds were opened thoroughly.

At that moment, the door of the study opened.

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