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   Chapter 343 Unrecognizable Bodies

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Joanna had come to their house to pick up Jonny and Joyce a few days ago. It was a relief that they were still living with her until now since Rachel had been utterly worried and anxious for some while.

She had kept all her attention to the list of victims of the explosion that happened in the Three Streams Street. However, she didn't find Patrick on the list.

Could it be possible that Patrick was still alive? Did he just got injured and was now staying in a hospital somewhere? She really couldn't tell.

"Hello, mom. Where are Jonny and Joyce? Did Dad take them out? Alright. Nothing. I'm just checking. Okay, I got it." Rachel felt so much better and secure after that phone call to Joana.

Her mother-in-law said that the children wanted to stay for two more days and she shouldn't worry about them.

In the afternoon, Rachel went to the RaR Company before she went to the Streams Company.

She hadn't seen Hiram for three days and it would be a big lie if she told herself that she didn't miss him. This was actually the very first time that she had been apart from Hiram for more than three days since they got married. The situation was hard in a sense since she honestly loved and enjoyed every minute they were together.

The cold war they were having felt like it created a huge empty tunnel inside her chest. She had never felt this alone, this hallow. It was like she had lost a very important part of her.

"Ma'am, President Rong is currently in a meeting. It will take a while before it's over. Would you like to come back later?" Ben said as he politely nodded to her.

"That's fine. I'll wait for him in the office," said Rachel. She came here for Hiram and she was determined to see him no matter what.

The time it would take didn't matter as long as she could at least had a glimpse of him.

She gave Ben a smile and then turned on her heels to head for the office.

"Ma'am!" It was when Ben walked fast after her and blocked her way. "Ma'am, it would be best if you would just go back and wait,"

"Why? It's the same thing if I'll wait in the office. Just get out of my way, okay?" said Rachel. She raised her eyebrows and glared at Ben. How could he stop her from visiting her husband?


Rachel didn't let Ben finish and swiftly walked pass him. She headed to the CEO's office directly and opened the door.

Her view was welcomed by Hiram who was sitting on his swivel chair as two department managers were standing before his desk.

They seemed to be discussing something.

Seeing Rachel uninvitedly come in, Hiram furrowed his eyebrows.

"I have a meeting now. Kindly go back and I'll talk to you later." He said emotionlessly as his cold gaze passed the two managers before him and landed on her face.

Rachel knew that too. However, she was already in the office and it wouldn't be that easy for her to just leave and give up like that.

"Well, I don't have anything to do at home. I can just wait for you here," she casually answered back. She then walked towards the su

? You're such a jerk! Your brother has already left me. Now, you, you…" The old man's voice broke as he lowered his head. He was holding a crutch tightly as he ran his free hand on his face. He was crying. "How could I lose two sons in such a short time? I didn't even have the chance to mourn as your father. You two are supposed to handle my funeral, not the other way around! Jesus! Have I done something wrong? Why are you punishing me like this? Why did you take my sons away from me!"

Patrick's father was crying so hard that he fell on his knees slowly.

He took a burned wristwatch from the ground slowly and clutched it to his chest. It was the only thing left from Patrick's things.

He could never be wrong that the watch was his son's. He could clearly remember the day when his son's biological mother gave that watch to Patrick. His son had never removed that watch from him since no matter where he went.

Rachel stood next to the mourning old man. He was just like a king when they last met, strong, dignified, his hair was black and he looked good. It was miles away from the broken man he was now, he looked tired and pale. He was almost like a hungry beggar as he cried helplessly while clutching the watch tightly.

"Mr. Yan, don't be upset. It's just a watch. It can't mean anything. Perhaps Patrick is still alive!" The butler, who was standing next to him, sobbed.

Nonetheless, there was no word kind enough to keep his heart from breaking. His tears continued to run down his face. Everything on the watch was already destroyed and the only thing left of it was its dial. "There was only one person who would wear this watch and it's Patrick!"

Shakily, the old man stood back on his feet and looked at the remnants before them. "Stop talking. We have to identify my son's body. Patrick is still the heir of the Yan family even after his death."

The old man said then he began to walk with the help of his crutch through the broken tiles, dragging both his shattered heart and soul with him.

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