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   Chapter 342 She Was The Source Of Tragedies

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Hearing what he said, Rachel couldn't hold back her tears anymore. The deep feeling of being so brokenhearted, that overwhelmed her, was totally unexpected and bizarre. It seemed as it came out of the blue. So often Rachel had even thought that she shouldn't have saved Patrick and she could have let him die million times by now.

Regardless of what has happened in the past, the dark news that he was dead gripped her heart in deep grief.

Besides, the truth was, although Patrick has acted as a bad guy more than once and was very annoying sometimes, he had never hurt Rachel. On the contrary, he had always tried by all means to get to spend more time in her pleasant company. He had been attracted to her like a bee to honey and did all within his power to impress her with numerous presents. Nevertheless, she had never liked them.

In his own way, Patrick had always expressed his love for her.

"Are you crying for those, who are dead, or are you crying for him?" Hiram suddenly walked to Rachel and asked, gazing at her with his dark eyes. This questioning look felt like a "knife", penetrating deep to her soul and dissecting all her emotions.

No answer. Silence. Frozen like a statue of a beautiful Goddess, Rachel just stood there still, rooted, and only the tears kept on streaming down her cheeks.

"Rachel, answer me why you're crying!" Hiram repeated, holding her by the shoulders, as though he was trying to wake her up from a bad dream.

Shaking her head, Rachel uttered with face, bathed in tears,"I don't know, I don't know...."

"What?!! You don't know? You're my wife, but now you're crying for another man. Don't tell me that you're in love with him!" Hiram tightened his grip on her shoulder. All the sensations of anger, mixed with obsessive passion, were "dancing" on his face. His eyes became even darker and looked threatening like two stormy clouds.

Standing in front of this scary view, Rachel just closed her eyes and again could not answer to her husband's question.

No one really understood how she felt.

Many years ago, she had saved Patrick.

But now he was dead and the most devastating thing to swallow was that it was all because of her.

If it hadn't been for her, the conflict between Patrick and Hiram wouldn't have been so deep and Patrick would have been alive now.

The sequence of events clearly indicated that she was the source of tragedies that led to this fatal end.

"How come you don't know?! Maybe you can't answer yourself too. You have a crush on him, don't you?" Bitterly Hiram curled his lips in a "crippled" smile and let her go from his strong grip.

After he had walked towards the clothes hanger, he left the suit he had just taken off, then headed to the bedroom.

Actually, he did admit that he had been involved in the death of Patrick.

In reality, he had never had the thought, nor the intention of taking Patrick's life away. Unfortunately, he hadn't expected that Marcia was so coldblooded to kill him o

oice, Flora immediately took her hands off Hiram and smiled at Rachel,"Mrs. Rong, please, don't get us wrong. Hiram was drunk last night and has a hangover now. Since I happen to be good at massage, I'm helping him to reduce the pain and headache."

After he opened his dark eyes, he took the cup of warm water on the table and took a few mouthfuls, without even looking at Rachel, who was standing at the door. Then he suddenly stood up and said,"Flora, I've got to go."

As soon as he said goodbye to Flora, Hiram walked towards the door and just brushed past Rachel.

Passing by, he didn't stop, neither did he say a word, nor made any eye contact with his wife.

After Hiram left, it took a while for Rachel to get out of the trance. Then she suddenly walked towards the door.

"Mrs. Rong," Flora stopped Rachel and walked towards her.

"Mrs. Rong, don't misunderstand us, please. Last night Hiram just drank here. We haven't talked about anything the whole time. Although I don't know what happened between you two, I can see that he is in pain. There is nothing that can't be settled as long as one of you makes a compromise. Everything will turn around. Believe me!"

Flora advised Rachel in a gentle, friendly and deeply feminine voice.

"Flora, thanks for your kindness," Rachel expressed her sincere gratitude to her, then turned around and walked out.

When she went out, Hiram had already left with his car.

Seeing Rachel coming out alone, just a few minutes after Hiram, Carl asked her in confusion,"Rachel, what has happened to you? A moment ago I saw Hiram and greeted him, but he completely ignored me. Did you quarrel?"

"Nothing has happened. Drive me home now," Rachel said absentmindedly, as she got in the car.

Now that he didn't want to communicate and was giving her the silent treatment, it would be best for the two of them to calm down for some time.

But how could she have known that

Hiram was not going to come home for the whole next week.

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