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   Chapter 341 You Are The Most Merciless One

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Thinking about the possibility disturbed Rachel immensely. Her heart felt heavy and was filled with sorrow.

Most of the news broadcast on TV and cellphones were regarding the explosion on the Three Streams street today. Hundreds of people had lost their lives in an extreme accident, which quickly became the focus of people's attention in H City and M City. It even sent shock waves throughout the country.

"I can't believe it. How could so many casualties occur one day? Surely, that must be wrong. I mean, there should be necessary safety precautions, right? How could an accident happen so suddenly?" asked Fannie. As she sat on the sofa in the living room, sewing a button onto the piece of clothing in her hand, she was also watching the news.

Jonny sat next to her. He was reading a storybook, while Joyce was dressing her Barbie doll in a beautifully bright skirt. They didn't know anything about the disaster on TV and continued to play cheerfully. They didn't seem to have a worry in the world.

Rachel came downstairs. She took one look to the report on TV. Since she knew that Patrick might have been one of the people who died in the accident, she wasn't able to put her mind at ease.

Rachel was a very kindhearted person, and could hardly accept the fact that the living man, whom she had known for such a long time, had probably lost his life in the explosion. Regardless of what he did to the Rong family before, her heart was still filled with remorse.

"Rachel... Rachel?" Fannie called her name, but Rachel seemed lost in her thoughts and failed to respond to her. "What happened to you? I just called you repeatedly, but you were so lost in thought that it seemed like you didn't even hear a word I was saying!"

Rachel was deep in thought, but finally registered her mothers' words. "Nothing, I just feel terrible. I have realized that one of my acquaintances may have died in the accident."

"Really? I'm so sorry to hear that, Rachel. However, things like this have and always will happen. The explosion occurred at the peri-urban area of H City. By the time it occurred, it was late at night. So, I don't believe that these people had any time to get away, as it was very late. No one could ever avoid natural, nor man-made disasters! They're inevitable at some point." replied Fannie, shaking her head and letting out a deep sigh.


At the scene of the Three Streams Street, a red off-road vehicle was parked on an empty lot, close to the roadside wreckage.

"Have you finished checking all of the?bodies? Have his remains been found?" asked Marcia with a cigarette in her hand. She fixed her eyes on the rescue crews that weren't too far away from her.

"Boss, we are checking every single one now. It may take some time, as there are a large nu

u are even more merciless than him! He always just wanted to get revenge on every person that did him wrong, but what's your reason for doing that?!"

Rachel shouted at Hiram.

No wonder Patrick told her that he and Hiram was, in fact, one in the same person. She had never agreed with him because she always believed that Hiram was a much kinder man than Patrick. However, now she was unsure.

Four years had passed into their marriage, and Rachel suddenly realized that she was still quite unfamiliar with him and what he was capable of.

It never occurred to her that the man she had been with for so long, could be such a merciless person.

"Rachel, I didn't have a choice, but to watch her plans unfold in front of me. What do you want me to do? Go tell the people around the area about an upcoming explosion? Or, how they must retreat immediately? So that the accident investigators would know that the explosion was related to me and the Streams Company?"

Hiram sighed deeply and continued speaking,"I know you are angry at me for knowing and not doing anything about it. I admit it. I thoroughly hate myself too. Regardless of that fact, I must still fulfill my responsibilities. So, please understand that there are many things that I can't control, even if they are wrong or indecent."

Rachel inhaled a large breath of air and slowly closed her eyes. Tears ran down her cheeks. She felt heartbroken.

"Tell me one thing then. Is Patrick dead?"

Hiram walked over to the window and remained silent for a while. "He was supposed to die, Rachel," answered Hiram, letting out a deep sigh. He then continued speaking,"I'm not sure. Many people's remains have not been found yet."

Hiram was clear that Patrick was supposed to have died.

He was standing at the center of the explosion, so It was highly likely that he was already dead.

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