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   Chapter 340 Explosion In The Midnight

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At the Tulip Palace...Rachel was playing with the kids in the swimming pool. Jonny and Joyce were having a great time flopping about on both sides of the pool.

"Look, Jonny! I'm going to show you!" Joyce said with a smile. Then she took a deep breath and began to swim.

Both kids liked to play in the water and would go in every chance they'd get. They had learned how to do basic strokes as well as how to float ever since they could remember.

"That's great Joyce! Let's have a race." With that, Jonny dove into the water and swam forward, making large splashing sounds as he moved, taking a breath after every couple of strokes. Joyce who accepted the challenge followed closely behind.

Leaning against the wall of the pool, Rachel looked at the kids with a smile. They were so smart, learning very quickly.

Suddenly, there was a huge splash in front of her. Instinctively, she closed her eyes to prevent water from getting into them. Then she immediately opened her eyes, and looked at the man who had just gotten into the water. "Glad to see you back so early today. Everything okay at work?" she asked, smiling.

"I didn't have so many things to do there, so I decided to come home early," Hiram replied, bobbing his head in and out of the water. He looked at Rachel and said with a charming smile,"Since I seldom have spare time, naturally, I took the opportunity to join you and the kids here."



the twins called out to him almost at the same time. Then they swam towards him and into his arms.

"Joyce and Jonny, would you like to swim around the pool with your dad?" Hiram asked, holding them on both sides.

"We'd love it!" the kids shouted excitedly. Then they let go of him and prepared to swim.

Rachel sat on the pool side and watched them playing and having fun. She couldn't help but smile.

When the kids came out from the pool, Rachel helped them take a shower and put on clean pajamas before they went to bed.

Hiram was sitting on the sofa with only a towel around his waist and talking to someone on the phone.

"Hiram, they've already started. Marcia has got everything ready, and is waiting for Patrick to come. He had been in the hospital in the past few days and is not so strong, so we are sure that he can't get away and survive this time," Chad said on the other line.

"Let them be. Tell our people stay away from them and not engage in any way. There is a possibility that they would take some extreme measures this time, so you must be careful and

stance somewhere," Hiram lied. 'Good job, Marcia.'

He thought that she would have sent someone to kill Patrick, but now, making it look like an accident seemed to be the smarter choice.

However, she did not take into account that many innocent people may also be killed or injured at the same time.

'What a cold-blooded bitch!' Hiram thought to himself.

Rachel frowned with a sigh. She crossed her fingers and said,"God bless them. I hope nobody was hurt. There have been too many disasters in this world. I really don't want to see any more disasters happening around me, especially up close like this."

Hiram shifted his eyes to her and sighed, not uttering a word.

In the morning, Rachel watched an online video of the previous night's accident. Someone had recorded the scene and already uploaded it to social media.

According to the video, the blast occurred at the Three Streams Street intersection, the junction of the two cities, where there was a factory. Some equipment and flammable substances had been left there and was the very cause of the fire.

So far, more than one hundred people have died from the explosion, multiple burns and suffocation. The actual death count was expected to rise.

Rachel felt something wrong when she heard the news.

'Three Streams Street intersection? Why did it sound so familiar?

I must have heard about it before. It sounds close by.'

Rachel thought about it for a long time, then she finally remembered that when she had been in M City, Marcia mentioned it to her.

Her eyes grew wide with shock. 'Marcia said Patrick would trade with someone today.

Could he be among those killed in the accident?'

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