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   Chapter 339 Don't Flatter Yourself

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"James, please don't do that! How about this? I promise you that I'll make a phone call to Patrick. But please understand that I can't go and visit him in person." Rachel said after she gave it some thought. This was the only thing she could do since there was no chance for her to go and visit Patrick on her own now.

James was begging her, and she would regret it if she did nothing. So Rachel decided that it would be best to just make a phone call. By doing so she could know how Patrick was doing, and at the same time, stay away from him.

She then turned around without looking at James and walked back inside.

"Rachel, I've made an appointment with the doctor just now. It's for another checkup for the twins." Fannie said to Rachel when she came in. She was helping Jonny and Joyce tidy up their clothes.

"Okay. Mom, give me a few minutes. I need to go upstairs to get my handbag," said Rachel. She smiled and rubbed Joyce's little head gently before walking upstairs.

When she got into her bedroom, Rachel checked her contacts list on her cell phone. Although she hadn't dialed his number for such a long time, Rachel remembered that she had saved Patrick's phone number.

When she found his number, Rachel took a deep breath and dialed his number.

It took several rings before Patrick answered the phone.

"It's me, Rachel." Standing in front of the window with a far-off look, Rachel held her cell phone to her ear.

The person on the other end of the phone remained silent for a long time before he said,"I know. I'm surprised that you called me. Aren't you afraid that your man will be mad at you if he finds out about this?"

Actually, Rachel always had Patrick's number on her cell phone. She just never called him.

Rachel looked at the thick mist outside her bedroom through the window. "How have you been doing?"

"What problem can I possibly have? I'm doing great. If a man like Hiram could hurt me with his tiny little fists, how am I supposed to face others in the future? I'm not going to be a joke and be the laughing stock!" Patrick uttered a snorting laugh, not knowing that James had already told Rachel about his situation.

Otherwise, he would not tell such a lie to Rachel. He was actually in great pain.

"Oh, really? That's great then. I'm glad to hear that and I think we're done. Goodbye." Rachel didn't tell Patrick that she knew about his situation. Now that he said he was fine, why not just take advantage of his lie and play along with his arrogance? That way, she could get rid of him sooner. No need for this uncomfortable chit chat.

"Wait! Hey, you seldom call me. It would be a pity if you hung up just like that." Hearing that Rachel was going to hang up, Patrick immediately changed tone and was nicer. "By the

ear. Let's wait until next year. By that time, I'll be powerful enough and we don't have to be scared of or be threatened by others," said Patrick as he took a tissue to wipe off the blood stain from the back of his hand.

"That's good then. Okay, Patrick. I'll help you arrange things according to our plans." James nodded his head.


In an underground prize ring in M City

Marcia had her boxing gloves on and hit her fists firmly on the punching bag repeatedly. She attacked the bag with both her hands and feet with such strength and precision that the old boxing bag was shaking in the air and seemed to make the whole room tremble.

"Boss, I got news for you. Patrick will go to the Three Steams Street as usual! Should we take action now?" A subordinate said excitedly as he walked towards Marcia.

Marcia's hair was dripping with her sweat that dropped to the floor as she moved. "Wasn't he beaten up recently and is in the hospital?"

"Yes, he's still confined there. They have asked the doctor who said that it was an old wound and it wouldn't recover in such a short time. Patrick isn't as strong as before. He wouldn't be able to go through our operation." The subordinate smiled and hit his palm with his fist.

Marcia breathed out and took off her boxing gloves. She threw the gloves to her subordinate and took a beer from him. She removed the bottle cap with her teeth and drank the beer eagerly in huge gulps.

"Not as strong as before? You know what? Even if we don't rat him out, he'll still a piece of cake to us. Tell the others to make arrangements as I told you before. Make sure that he dies from the explosion the day after tomorrow!"

"Yes! Boss!"

Marcia licked her lips and smiled coldly, shaking her half-finished beer bottle.

"Patrick Yan, very soon no one will even remember that you ever existed.

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