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   Chapter 338 Hateful And Poor

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When they arrived, Rachel followed close behind and went into the hospital. She knew that if she wasn't there "supervising" Hiram, he would just leave the wounds to heal by themselves. She stood beside Hiram, watching him apply ointment on his wounds. For the more serious ones, he had to use medication paste.

Watching her husband apply ointment on himself, Rachel couldn't help but to curse Patrick a thousands times in her mind. She was so furious that she didn't notice herself already gritting her teeth. It surprised her that this man who asked for trouble was so ruthless and beat her husband so fiercely. He had lost all sanity and just attacked Hiram like a rabid beast!

"Honey, I'm all right. Look at me, I wasn't seriously hurt. These are just minor scratches. Patrick took a lot more beating. He's lucky if he didn't have at least one broken bone somewhere." Hiram said proudly. He placed his hand on his wife's shoulder and assured her in a soft voice. He was wounded but Patrick didn't emerge unscathed either.

Without doubt, Patrick just declared his death wish when he said those words to Hiram. 'Who the hell did he think he was? How dare he? Did he actually think that he could bargain for Rachel? Idiotic and nonsense!' Hiram thought to himself, seething with anger. Hiram would never allow Rachel to leave him.

Rachel took a deep breath to calm herself down. "No matter what, don't ever engage in a fight ever again in the future. It won't do you any good and you'll just end up getting hurt. You may be lucky this time but who knows what will happen next time? Promise me, do not get yourself hurt again."

Hiram grunted and placed his hand on his wife's shoulder. "Fine, I promise. Well, I'm okay now, so I'm going to the company. Are you coming with me or are you going home to stay with our children?"

"The second one. I'm going home to stay with our children." Rachel replied without any hesitation.


He gently pinched her nose and twitched it a few times, sighing with a smile. "Well, you could at least hesitate for a few seconds before you answered it. Am I not as important as the twins?" Hiram was jealous at Rachel's all too quick reply.

Rachel rolled her eyes and chuckled. "You both are important to me. But it's different. I''m with you right now, aren't I? Actually, I've been here with you and for you for hours. Besides, you will come home in the evening and we will be together. So I think I need to leave some time for our children. Our children." She repeated for emphasis. "How come you are jealous of them? You're being ridiculous!" Rachel laughed some more.

Originally, her plan today was to go around that morning, for some distraction, and then go home to stay with Jonny and Joyce in the afternoon. Who would expect that so many things would happen and ruin her plans? It was all Patrick's fault. If he hadn't shown up and provoked Hiram, they wouldn't have had a fight. And now both of them had gotten hurt.

It was already three in the afternoon and getting pretty late. If she didn't go home now, she wouldn't be able t

uted back to Rachel through the gaps in the bars.

When Rachel confirmed that it was James, she looked around suspiciously. 'Since James is here, where is Patrick? Will he come here again? He doesn't fear anything and might seek more trouble!'

She was worried just like how a burned child would dread fire.

"Don't worry. Patrick is not here with me even if he wished so. But he can't because he is in the hospital right now." James said in a sad voice.

Rachel paused for a moment and slightly sighed. "Really? Then why aren't you in the hospital looking after him?"

James hesitated and replied,"Patrick... He... Would you show him a bit of mercy and go see him in the hospital?"

Rachel went into silence. She couldn't believe what James was asking of her.

"James, I'm sorry. You should know that things have gone sour between me and Patrick. I don't think it's a good idea to even get close with him and make things more complicated. It wouldn't be good for either of us."

She knew that she couldn't go soft on him again. If she went to see him, she would mislead Patrick again and it would only harm them both.

"But! Patrick is miserable right now! His father already doesn't care whether he is dead or alive. Three years ago, he got seriously sick. Although he had recovered, he hasn't been completely cured. A few days ago, he had a fight with Mr. Rong and that severely affected his condition. He is in a much worse state now! Now, he..."

James broke down. He couldn't hold tears any more and sank down to his knees, his hands clutching the bars of the fence.

"I'm sorry. I know you're Mrs. Rong now. I know that what I'm doing will get you in trouble. But it really breaks my heart to see Patrick going through all this pain. He's already been in the hospital for few days. None of his relatives have come to see him, only some friends like us.

Please! I'm begging you!" He wept. "Would you please go see him in the hospital? Even just one glance or one word!"

James was close to kissing Rachel's feet to get her sympathy.

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