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   Chapter 337 If It’s What You Want

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"Dad, I'm fine. I just went to a boxing gym to relax and sparred with someone. The match got a little too intense, so I got injured by accident," Hiram explained in an offhanded tone,"The injury isn't serious, so it will recover soon." Hiram picked up a dumpling with his chopsticks nonchalantly and dipped it into some vinegar. He put it into his mouth and casually chewed on it.

Gavin looked unconvinced at his explanation but said nothing. He looked at Rachel, and then at Hiram. "Whoever punched you in the boxing ring had a lot of nerve. Who was it?" he asked.

Thinking that his son's injury seemed serious, Joanna walked over to Hiram and checked. She lifted his face for a closer look and grimaced. "Jesus! What do you mean not serious? With all those bruises? Hiram, you'd better go to the hospital to get checked," she said, knitting her brows in worry.

"Mom, let's at least have lunch first, okay?" Hiram replied.

Joanna gave out a sigh and nodded. "Alright. But make sure to go to the hospital right after lunch," she said.

Rachel sat quietly, occupied with her own thoughts. She absentmindedly picked up a dumpling, not feeling particularly hungry.

Lydia looked over at Rachel picking on her food. Then she turned to Hiram and scrutinized his face, taking note of the bruises covering him. 'Some accident he had, ' she thought to herself. She stood up and walked towards her room, convinced that the two were not telling them everything.

Well, it didn't matter. It wouldn't be difficult to find out the truth if she could find a witness.

After a moment of thinking, she came back and sat down next to her father. She leaned to him and whispered.

Everyone was startled when Gavin suddenly slammed his chopsticks on the table.

"Dad, what's the matter?" Rachel asked, surprised with his sudden outburst. She was confused. She didn't understand what changed his mood so quickly.

'Lydia whispered something to him earlier. What did she tell him?' she thought.

Gavin took a deep breath to calm himself down. He couldn't believe what he had just heard. "Hiram, you fought with Patrick, didn't you?" he shouted. "Why?" he continued.

Hiram sighed and put down his chopsticks calmly. He reached for a tissue and wiped his lips. His face was hard as he looked at Lydia, and then at Gavin. "Dad, there has been hostile from Patrick at the very beginning. He has provoked me for countless times, and each time I let it slide. He's always deliberately pushing me to my limits. I got tired of it and gave him what he was asking for," Hiram said coldly.

"Don't give me that crap. I'm not buying it," Gavin fumed and banged the table with his fist. "You know precisely what I'm asking about. Tell me the damn truth." He switched his gaze to Rachel and continued,"Was it because of her?" His eyes were like knives pointed to her.

It was almost always Rachel. This wouldn't be the first time Hiram got into a fight because of her.

Just what


Dark clouds were starting to gather in the sky. Slow drops of rain were spreading over the street, turning the asphalt a hue darker. There were soft rhythmic taps against the glass as the rain drops continued to fall and leave trailing marks on the car window.

Inside the car, Hiram and Rachel stayed clinging to each other, their chests pressed, for a long time, enveloped with the sound of rain.

After some moments Rachel broke the silence and said, looking up at him,"Hiram, let's go to the hospital. You should have your wounds treated." She disentangled herself from his arms and unbuttoned his shirt to check his wound.

She felt him dodging, more likely out of reflex, when she held him just now. His chest must have been injured.

Black and blue bruises were spread on his chest, just as she expected. Her heart sank. She traced his chest with his eyes and wondered if there were any other injuries on his body. He was acting so nonchalantly about it earlier, but it must hurt.

"I'm fine. Let's go to the hospital after work. There are some urgent matters I have to attend to," Hiram insisted, taking her hand away from his chest.

Rachel was not having it. She had to be sure, afraid that he was hurt in some way she couldn't see. "No! That can wait. We're going to the hospital right now!" she pressed,"Please, Hiram." Her fingers clutched at the fabric of his shirt. She raised her eyes to him, meeting his dark ones with her own.

Seeing the worry painted all over her features, Hiram yielded, placing his hand over hers. "Okay. If that's what you want." Rachel relaxed and gave him a small smile, finally. Hiram felt some heaviness lift from his shoulders. He was half amused and half in disbelief with how powerless he could be in front her. One smile, and he lost his head completely. She probably didn't even know what she did to him. "Let's go to the hospital first."

Hearing that, Chad immediately drove off to the direction of the hospital.

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