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   Chapter 336 Fight Like Kilkenny Cats

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"Mr. Rong, if you give your wife to me, I will give you whatever you want."

Patrick's words upset Hiram. Without hesitating, Hiram swung a powerful punch towards Patrick's head.

Patrick swiftly turned his body away but was not fortunate enough to dodge the blow altogether. Hot pain radiated from his eye when Hiram's fist made contact with Patrick's face.

"I want your life. Can you give me that?"

Hiram roared as he grabbed Patrick's collar with both hands and shook him. Once suave and elegant, Hiram had now turned into an angry lion. He was so mad about what Patrick had said that he wanted to tear Patrick limb from limb.

Patrick started coughing as Hiram's grip grew tighter. Unable to breathe, Patrick pushed Hiram away. "Well, if you allow your wife to stay with me for one month, I will give you my life."

Hiram clenched his fists, and his eyebrows knotted as he frowned. Hadn't Patrick understood by now that it was unacceptable for him to speak like that about Rachel? Furious, Hiram swung at Patrick again. This time, however, Patrick defended against the oncoming assault and even fought back by lashing out at Hiram.

They kept punching each other, and no one seemed ready to back down.

As she watched the fight from the car, Rachel became worried. Patrick was as strong as Hiram, and they were fighting like Kilkenny cats.

"Chad! Open the door!" Unable to sit back and helplessly watch Hiram being beaten, Rachel shouted at Chad.

Chad chewed his lip as indecision plagued him. He glanced out the window and said,"Rachel, Hiram asked me to keep you in the car. Besides, what if they hurt you by mistake?"

"I said open the door! Now, please!"

Rachel had spoken so authoritatively that Chad felt as though he had no choice. He withered under Rachel's sharp glance, and his hands shook as he unlocked the door.

Rachel flung open the door and quickly stepped out. Then she ran toward the two fighting men.

Many people stood around watching the fight, but none were inclined to step forward and help as they were afraid of being accidentally injured.

As Rachel neared, Patrick swung his leg and aimed for Hiram's chest. Although Hiram defended well, the effort gone into the attack left both men gasping for breath. They stood rooted to their spots, panting and puffing.

"Are you done yet?" Rachel said as she neared the two men. She studied Hiram carefully, and her heart sank when she saw how many cuts and bruises covered his hands and face. Unwilling to let this continue, she held Hiram's arm and pleaded,"Hiram, please, stop this. Let's just go home now, okay?"

Hiram took a deep breath and wiped off the blood at the corner of hi

e car when she saw that Rachel had accompanied Hiram.

Rachel smiled awkwardly and opened the door. Hiram, who had been walking toward the house, stopped when he heard Joanna's invitation. He sighed in defeat and continued to walk toward the villa.

Rachel was chagrined as she had planned to leave after Hiram had entered the villa.

From afar, Rachel heard Lydia's voice. "Brother, you are here! Ah, what happened to your face?"

Instead of answering her, Hiram went upstairs. He took a shower and changed his clothes before he came down.

Joanna had already prepared the tableware and was waiting for Hiram.

Gavin and Joanna were sitting on one side while Lydia sat on another. Rachel and Hiram were seated opposite to his parents.

Joanna frowned as she studied Hiram's face. She had been so excited about Rachel being with Hiram that she hadn't paid attention to his face earlier.

"Hiram, what happened to your face?"

"Well, I asked when Hiram arrived, but he didn't answer me. What happened to your face, brother?" Lydia asked. Hiram was not very confrontational. For as long as she could remember, he avoided fights with other people. And when he did fight, he was the winner. She rarely remembered seeing Hiram hurt.

Gavin looked up at Hiram. When there was no reply, Gavin turned and asked Rachel,"Rachel, what happened to Hiram? Did something happen when you were coming here together? Did he fight with someone or did something else happen?"

When Rachel heard Gavin's question, she bowed her head. In her mind, she thought of what excuses she could give to explain Hiram's injuries. And yet, she couldn't bring herself to lie to her parents-in-law. A long time passed. Just as she was about to answer, the man sitting beside her suddenly opened his mouth.

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