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   Chapter 335 Please Don't Give Me Anything

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"Sorry, President Yan. There's nothing you can do to make me like you at all. I'm not interested in you." Rachel moved away a little further, trying to avoid Patrick's heavy breath.

Patrick sighed and took a look at Rachel, who was warding him off. "Well then, I would like to get to know you better. Could you tell me what are you interested in?"

Rachel felt really bothered with what was happening. She slowly closed her eyes to calm herself down from all the foolishness Patrick had gotten her into.

She felt speechless and still kept trying to find a way to make Patrick leave her alone, yet she could do nothing.

Suddenly, Rachel smelled a whiff of cigar smoke being blown towards her face. She opened her eyes immediately to see what Patrick was up to.

All she could see was Patrick's face, crept up very close to her, about three centimeters away.

"Do you want me to kiss you? Would you like me to satisfy your need? Just let me know and I would gladly do it." Patrick had strong facial features. He was undeniably handsome and attractive. Confident with how he looked, he started gazing at Rachel with his alluring eyes.

"Patrick, let me go! Carl can't find me. He must have called Hiram to tell him what happened. Do you think that you can leave without getting hurt? I don't want Hiram to know all about this. I don't want to hurt you because of all this nonsense."

"Are you worrying about me?"

Patrick was still very close to Rachel. They were very near that she could even see his pores. He couldn't help but stare at Rachel longer. He desperately wanted to see through Rachel. He was eager to know whether Rachel had a place for him in her heart.


Rachel raised her hands and pushed Patrick away. "Just say whatever you want. No matter what you say, I would not care at all. If you just wanted to meet and see me, you've got what you wanted. Stop making any trouble anymore, okay?"

Rachel thought of walking away when Patrick grabbed her hands tightly and made her stay. Though hurt inside, he continued to see through her eyes to know if she was actually telling the truth.

"What I'm trying to say is that I'm like a flying moth, darting into the fire. I know I might get into big trouble when I try to meet you, but I just can't control myself from thinking about you. I don't want to give up easily. I want to try every means to meet and see you again and again.

I know I have to keep reminding myself, for thousands of times, of who you are now.

You cannot disagree. Before I beat Patrick down, you're not allowed to meet him on your own." Hiram said intentionally. He grabbed Rachel's wrist and walked out of the small storage.

When they came out, Rachel thought Hiram would bring her back to the Tulip Palace or take her to the Streams Company. Instead, Hiram brought her to his car and stopped at a lane.

"Stay in the car." Hiram lowered his voice. Then he opened the car door and went out.

Rachel was confused. She wondered what Hiram was doing. But when she saw Patrick with two bodyguards following him, Rachel finally understood everything.

Peculiarly, she realized how Hiram could find out where Patrick was in such a short time. No wonder he could find where she was so quick.

Patrick was very surprised. He didn't think that Hiram could find him that easy, but then he instructed his bodyguards to back off. He stepped forward, sharply looking at Hiram.

Hiram violently threw a bag to Patrick's feet.

"Patrick Yan, Rachel, my wife, doesn't need your gifts."

The bag clashed and jingled. Patrick knew clearly what was in the bag without opening it. "You're welcome, President Rong. I know, for sure, that you're very rich and you need nothing. But your wife helped me once, and I owed her a lot. I just wanted to thank her by giving her some little gifts."

"Oh, do you think I will believe you?" Hiram grunted at Patrick. He stepped on the broken bracelet and walked towards Patrick.

Patrick drew himself up and bravely faced Hiram. He briefly took a glance at the car.

"Now that you have found out about this, I'm not going to lie to you. You're right. I love your wife."

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